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1 July 1980
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My contact information (phone, address, etc).

I have been assimilated. Facebook. Resistance was more or less irrelevant, though I held out for a good long while.

Like everything else in life, this is no more and no less than what it is. All cliches aside, the best way to get to know me is to read the journal. The interests below are many, but there're a lot of things that aren't listed. Solo se que no se nada.

I've played cello for years now. Had about four years of lessons, and started college as a music major. Dropped that after three years, and now I only play in a community orchestra and just for fun. You can find the sheet music for some of the arrangements I've done here.

Icons I've created. If you want one, feel free, but don't hotlink and don't take credit for it. Drop me a comment if you do find something you want.

Being the quote/poem/prose/lyric whore that I am, I have a journal dedicated to just that. bantha is mostly a collection of quotes, zen, and other assorted stuff of that nature. Some of my fanfic is also there, but as I only post it when I've submitted it, there isn't much. You should also know I have a tendency to start fics and never finish them. Ye be warned, so don't come complaining to me afterward. (You can, however, offer any and all constructive criticism.) Some of my fanfiction can be found at fanfiction.net.
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