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It amazes me that I’m this calm and nonchalant when work is apacolyptic tonight.

Hmmm. I do so love apathy.

Went to orchestra Monday, found out that Jenn took a job in California. This is more than a little alarming, since I have no idea who will be running the rehearsals next semester. Reno being such a podunk place, there just aren’t that many people who could really do it. So, either they grab some band junkie who’s never even seen a string instrument before, or they give the job to someone who already conducts a real live orchestra in this town. As for the latter, I can only really see one possibility, and that being the person that single-handedly drove three-fourths of musicians out of the only other community orchestra here. Should that be the case, I will by no means play under her. Which would be sad, because then I wouldn’t be playing in any group, and I might as well sell the cello for all the use it’ll get.

I made oatmeal cookies yesterday, thinking to bribe someone at mom’s to bring over the lawn mower, as it won’t fit in my car. So far, still no lawn mower, and I swear the grass is evolving. So. Hopefully either the landlord gets his lawn mower back soon.

Dinner was a kick. I think this week had the most people so far. Granted, I couldn’t hear what was going on at the other end of the table, but it was still fun to see everyone. Though I had much pity for the waitress. I could never possess that much patience.

Anyway, speaking of the ren faire:

The Faire opens with the Feast of Fools Weekend on Saturday, June 5th & Sunday, June 6th. The Faire continues for two weekends ~ Saturdays and Sundays, June 5th & 6th, and 12th & 13th.
Open 10:00 AM to the evening hour of 6:00 PM each weekend.

-more info-

Something to talk about over dinner in the near future.

No good deed goes unpunished.
~Clare Booth Luce


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Jun. 8th, 2004 08:46 pm (UTC)
By the way...have I ever told you that I absolutely love that icon?
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