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Ever feel like a hyena?

...circling around something dead and abandoned, laughing hysterically as you take your bit? No? Never mind.

Interesting day of lab. Tried solarizing Demon, discovered it works much better in photoshop and that for once the book was right in that there is really no S.O.P for solarizing and one should be prepared to waste much paper, which as I ran out of time, has not fully occurred yet. But, did get some semi-interesting prints of the pond at Rancho San Rafael, and a couple of Demon that might be worth further work. I really need to finish shooting my assignments, as I am running out of stuff I want to print. Heh. Still have no idea what my 12 final prints will be, but as they have to be different from what I did for the lab assignments, that doesn't leave much to work with.

Left work only normally annoyed. Last few days have been nothing but machines down and still! the jobs pour in, both over the counter and from the spokes. Found out that G. actually got a raise on his review, making me more than a little annoyed that I did not. E. told me that her interview went well, so it looks like one more gone soon. Next week will be funner, indeed, as no one will be there. N. remarked on my leaving (on time!) when there were jobs on the QC table, but seeing as how my lone Doc6135 did 60,000 clicks in about ten hours, and the hundred+ pages of stuff to scan and despeckle and save as PDF (1 page=1 file), I pretty much just shrugged as I clocked out. I'm training myself not to care about what people at work think of my, my shift, my efficiency, etc. That will make my next review easier to sit through, because the only way I'll ever get a raise is if S. doesn't write it.

So, what to do? Work tonight. Lab tomorrow. Work tomorrow night. Shoot Saturday, sleep sometime, go to the Doloris Zdajik thingie. Sleep. Sunday might be shoot, but then off to Mom's for dinner with extended-bungee family, meaning I'll either be baby-sitting or elder-sitting throughout, as Mom's hosting. Probably also washing the dishes as Mom would insist on using her china plates and those musn't go in the dishwasher, oh no, they might scratch, as opposed to dropping them as I'm handwashing them. Monday, God, I still don't have a clue where to start on that homework, and must Must MUST!!! finish bowing and fingering and maybe even practice the music.

(Am somewhat tired, so forgive the random strangeness of this.)

Oh, and I was twenty minutes to late because of a train. You see, it was stopped, and blocking everything from Center to Keystone, and once I got through the mass of people who had decided to wait the train out, I ended up going all the way down Fourth to McCarran and then all the way back up Mayberry. And to think, there's another six years of train-trench goodness ahead!

Anyway, off to bed for me.

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