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To Tuesday...

It occurs to me that I say the same thing a lot, namely that time seems to fly by until I have to work, when it slows down considerably and drags by like molasses in the freezer. Once again, I have the disturbing feeling that I wasted my days off, even though I know for a fact I was somewhat busy. Summer will be very welcome when it comes, because as much as I love class, and I do, I love having free time equally as much, and I can't ever seem to get any of it when I work tens.

So, what did I do yesterday and today? Yesterday was devoted to doing to homework I should have started last week but instead put off until three hours before class started, and I might be the queen of last-minute stuff, but even I can only type so fast, and typos that are merely annoying in most things mean certain death when they happen while writing code. I tend to go lysdexic when I'm in a hurry, you see. After class, orchestra was pretty much normal, except that we're down to four, possibly six cellos, so while it means I don't have to play quite as softly, it also means I need to play every single note, well and in tune. This last is more difficult that would seem, as opera music is notorious for it's horrendous key sigs and excessive liberties with tempi and such.

Stayed up way too late last night. I finally crawled into bed around 3ish, and then had to get up at 8 to make it to class, and that just hurt. Think I'll try to get a nap in this afternoon. But, got to break out the fiber paper and sepia tone some stuff, and that was fun, if incredibly time-comsuming and smelly. In three hours I managed to get three prints out, and had to leave them to dry overnight anyway. But, the texture of teh fiber paper looks really neat, and my print of teh wooden bench and trees and gravel looks good in sepia. It turns out that while I am still behind, so is everyone else, so there is hope of a decent grade, providing that I not slack off any more. May not get to the 4x5 view camera, though, but as that's extra credit, it doesn't matter that much.

Okay, off to visit Gram and then for laundry and aforementioned nap. Ciao.


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Mar. 31st, 2004 09:46 pm (UTC)
friendly invite/shameless plug...
Howdy! I just started kinkoids_unite, a community for those of us who work at Kinko's. So, if you get a chance, check it out.

Rock on!
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