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Yehuda Hanani weekend fun...

Thus ends the 'cello part of my weekend, neatly coinciding with the weekend in general. And even though my blisters have blisters and my shoulder feels made of lead, it was an incredibly enjoyable, if hectic experience.

Friday was busy. I spent the morning in the lab and then went to rehearsal around six-thirty. Got my shirt, figured out what was happening when, and then rehearsed Aura Lee in the women's bathroom with four other cellists because there were literally no other spaces availiable. That ended up being a late night, as I came home to catch the beginning of a game.

Saturday morning first thing was the master class. I didn't play in it, but it was really fascinating to listen to. You'd think that him being all famous and everything, he'd be kind of stuffy, but he really is the nicest person, and managed to make everyone there feel relaxed, which isn't easy. Then rehearsal again, follwed by a clinic on the role of right/left sides of the body in which I ended up playing more than I thought I would as a whole bunch of people in the various ensembles didn't show, and someone must have ratted about my decent ability to sight-read, because I got added in to two more pieces, which actually went fairly well.

Then a break, which was supposed to be an hour, but everything was running behind, so it was really about ten minutes. Then the 45 minutes for the radio broadcast (I still don't know if it was live or if they'll air it soon) which was neat. Kind of a question/answer thingie, and then we played Aura Lee at the end. T

There was enough of a break after that for me to go home and grab dinner, and then I was off to Barbara's for the Bach clinic. They planned that to start later in the evening because it was a little too intelletual for kids. And God, I haven't geeked out on theory and form like that since the last semester of theory. Brought my own copy of the Bach and divided my time between trying not to drool over his playing and scribbling bowings and alternate fingerings and trills and turns... Yeah, me=geek. One of the highlights was Shain playing prelude to the sixth suite barefoot. Understand, now, that in addition to being nice to look at, he can not only play, but is the nicest person in the world. That got out and I slept over at Mom's to keep my grandmother happy, as she doen't like being by herself over night.

Sunday dawned way too early. Had to be there to setup for the concert early. Last minute rehearsal, and then the concert at 11:30. The best part was when Mr. Hanani played some movements from the Bach suites, and I could see the music as well as hear it. It was as if he was telling a story. When he played the bourees from the C-major suite, I felt like there was this child scampering around. It was an experience I'll never forget, hokey as it sounds.

That pretty much brings me up to date. Just got out of opera, and now I shall go back to Mom's and perhaps home, though maybe not tonight. At any rate, I need another three days just to recover.



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