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Hark, a post...

Mmmm, no, I don't know how much Pip charges to do the same thing. We aren't Progressive, moron, and stomping away because you're not only cheap, but too lazy to open the phone book will only make me laugh harder at you. Call that a Manipulating Marvin. (In joke, if you don't get it, never mind.)

Mom liked the pictures of Larry in the basket of fruit, so I gave her the prints because I have the negs on CD anyway. I told her this, but she brought the pics to work and scanned them using the crappy Sony scanner anyway. Why... She also liked the roll I took of the test, even though most of it was blurry because I only had ISO 200 film and it was indoors. Yes, I am obsessive about some things. I keep forgetting how wonderful color is when I get the rare roll back from the lab. Doing bw is neat, because I learn so much about composition and light and contrast and all that, but color is so exciting and tempting, only I want to be able to use it well, so I tend not to do very much all the time because it's easy to fall back into the "tourist" mode, and that leads to nothing more than snapshots, which are nice but not all that interesting to anyone but me.

Having not been to photo class since before break, I'm trying not to chicken out of going today. On the one hand, I am so far behind it scares me, but on the other, I need to use the lab and while I'm sure he'll notice that I haven't gone to class in a while, it is and art class, so maybe it won't matter too much. Plus there's the lectures he gives, unless I happen to be unlucky enough to go to class the day there's a critique, which would shame me even more, as I haven't been working on anything lately. God, another week of break would be much appreciated.

This weekend is pretty much devtoted to master class stuff and opera, with whatever time is left over going to shooting and develpoing the rest of the assignments I haven't done.

On the upside, I don't have to work again until next Tuesday night. A whole five days of non-work is almost like a little mini-vacation. On the bad side, my next vacation isn't till the end of July, so it's going to be a long summer...

Work-wise, that makes the third person in two weeks to quit, and because of the new FedEx position, we'll lose two more. So, as of right now, we need an assistant manager, key-op, PC, and at least one more generic express person. If E. gets her job and the bank through D., then we would need an office manager as well. And all this with a branch manager of less than 6 weeks. That's even higher than usual turnover.

Might have something to do with the recent PAs, seeing as how no one got raises. Mine was bad, 2s and a 3, though I haven't been written in years, and people who have been written up were given 3s and 4s. Also puzzling was that in my PA, I was told I was a model team member, which is somewhat puzzling, given my low scores. It was also pointed out that I need more "leadership" and sometimes my attitude is too "negative". I would argue that it's not so much negativity as realism, given the last few months, but whatever. Strangely enough, it was pretty much identical to last year's review, written by the same person. Prior to that, I regularly got 4s and 5s, but that was when other managers wrote it.

I asked B. to let me transfer to swing as key-op, seeing as I never really wanted to be in a supervisory position in the first place, which might explain why I suck leadership-wise, but he pretty much told me that wouldn't happen unless there happens to be someone as trained as me who would also want to work grave, or when J. or R. can double for me. Which means I'll probably graduate before I get off this shift. So, this summer will also be spent doing some serious job-hunting, because I am just about done with this place. Five years, which is nearly unheard of, and nothing more than a dollar's raise in all that time.

Okay, back to work and turnover.



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