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Hello, it's freak night...

And boy, with a vengeance. No one person stands out in my mind, but suffice to say I spent the first three hours of my shift split between stupid freaks on the phone and stupid freaks on the counter with their stupid questions that, apparrently, only I can answer. Grrr. I so miss working with another competent co-worker.

And then the 6115 crapped out the minute J. left, with like 15 sheets of cardstock jammed in the fuser and no way to get them out without ripping everything to pieces. And now the other doc won't run anything. And the 1000 cardstock short G. took, which is going to be running long past the due time, monopolizing my only color machine. And, glorious day, one of those horrilble IGT proofs with various sizes and orientations, mixed color, and perfing, which I'm going to run where? Not that it matters, since their file is missing some rather crucial pages, like the cover and such. So, the hour and a half I spent setting it up are wasted time, because ten to one they'll just send a brand new file today, and someone (probably me) will have to go through the trouble of resizing every single page and extracting the color and perfed pages again, and rotating all the landscape pages again, and then programming the doc files again, because R. is spineless and won't tell the customer to fix their goddamn files in the beginning, nor will she actually look at the file when it comes in and head off the issue before it gets to production.

So, yeah, I'm not in the greatest of moods tonight. And did I mention that all the files I set up and painstakingly saved on the fiery are gone? Whick means more stuff I shouldn't have to do twice, but, what the hell, it isn't like I do work at night, anyway, is it?

Deep breath. Should have known what to expect after four days off, but still...

Hmmm, I had other stuff to say, but at the moment I can't seem to think past the snafu that is work. Put my vacation form in tonight for July 23rd - August 1st, and, assuming I get it, which is never anywhere near a sure thing, I will be going to the redwoods for that week. If'n any of my local peeps want to come, let me know, as I will need to reserve another space soon if so.

Today will be home, shower, sleep, rehearsal, work. Tomorrow will be school, home, shower, sleep, work. Friday is mom's to pick up music, lab, home, sleep. Saturday will be lab, rehearsal, home, sleep at some point. And you wonder why I have no life. Heh. Music good, as Bach suites are getting tiresome. Always ambitious, in addition to the Monn, which is level 4, I ordered C.P.E Bach's concerto in F, level unknown but not easy, and Haydn's C-major, which is conservatively rated 6+, but really just plain insane. At any rate, it'll give me something to piece together over the next few years. I really want to take up lessons again, though it'll have to wait for summer when I have time for it. I'll have to ask arounds, since I'm out of the loop when it comes to teachers, though it wouldn't be a bad idea to feel Barbara out. Problem is, that would feel like taking a huge step backwards, since I switched to John from her, and I don't know if she'd still teach me, since I've heard she mainly teaches kids and beginning adults, of which I am neither.

And everything comes to a grinding halt. Literally. Tally ho. Once more, dear friends, into the breach...

*edit - the other Docutech is now officially dead, too. Go me.



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