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Mar. 1st, 2004

This weekend was fun, if it seemed at little too fast to follow. Basically, it was Dad's birthday, so I spent a lot of time over at my parents' house. Good, in that I got is some practice time on the piano, but bad in that I remembered why it was that I moved out in the first place. It just seems that I get along with my family much better now that I don't have to see them every waking moment of my day.

Anyway, today is the day to do everything else I didn't do earlier. Funny how even long weekends fail to catch up with all the work left to do.

Ordered music and strings and rosin Saturday night. I meant to do it sooner, but that didn't happen, so I can wish it'll get here before the concert, though I don't think it will. Probably good, as putting new strings on the night before the concert is just asking for trouble, anyway. They had a new product, hypoallergenic rosin, listed, so I ordered it as I dropped my last rosin a while ago and it sucks having to rosin with breadcrumbs. I'm also trying new strings, not Jarger or Larson, as the one is consistently backordered and the other is insanely overpriced. Maybe perlon/steel strings will work, all though it the past I hated the perlon strings because they were incredibly bright and way to easy to squeak, but these kind are wrapped around a gut core and steel wound, so hopefully that will dim them down and add some depth. And looking over this, I once again realize I have strayed to the geek side of the force, but... Then again, I did spend an entire afternoon debating the merits of T-Max versus Iflord delta V, so the geekness is more than skin deep.

Yesterday was also the philharmonic, and this one was a rather eclectic mix. It started with Wagner's Meistersinger overture, then progressed to a short suite by Ravel, the Mother Goose. Then a piece I'd never heard before, Davies' Orkney Wedding, with Sunrise. That was a trip and a half, because it was firmly 20th century, and included bagpipes. Then it finished with Schumann's C-major, and it sounds a lot more like Beethoven that he usually does, though he stole a little from Mendelssohn's Italian symphany for the last movement. Had a very amusing, terrifying moment when Mom turned to me and commented that bagpipes were the "most godlike instrument" in the world. Terrfying in that she's been hinting for while now she wants bagpipe lessons.


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Mar. 2nd, 2004 06:10 pm (UTC)
Oh, please don't tell me your mother really wants bagpipe lessons... That is just a scary thought.
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