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Deep breath...

So, like, haven't updated it a while. While I'd like to blame it on any number of things, truth is that this hasn't been really high on my priority list. And, now that I'm right back in the insanity of classes, don't expect a daily post like what happened this summer. But, I am here now and (in between clearing jams) I will spend a moment simplifying my recent life down to a few lines of text on a a page.

Classes are, for the most part, going well. J. decided to hold audition for seats in orchestra - first time that's happened in that orchestra - and despite having to sight read the music, I did well enough that she stuck me in as section leader. Yes, that's cool, but it's also a lot more work. Thank god that the first concert is all Mozart and Teleman, and the Mozart is the exact same concerto we played last year on, only he transposed it down a step and switched the solo to oboe, and - voila! a new concerto. Strange, that.

My computer class is going well, if a little more fast-paced than I expected. So far, what I don't understand I can guess at from context, so as long as I don't continue to forget the little parts of tags, I should be fine. Well, at least until next week, when we get into tables and frames, and then my limited knowledge of HTML will come back and bite me. I haven't taken any other computer classes besides this one, but it seems there's always one person who shouldn't be taking the class because they allready know everything, and the girl who sits next to me seems to spend all the lecture time surfing the internet, so who knows...

Photo 2 is shaping up to be damn hard work, even more so than the last semester. For one, we're using les-idiot proof film and chemistry (there's even an expensive foray into 11x14 fiber based paper) and the assignments are tough. I still like it, or I will as soon as I can pay for my supplies, but I'm kinda wishing I had only taken 2 classes this semester. And, the class time is more awkward this semester - in the middle of the day - so sleeping is somewhat more tricky.

Outside of class, work is still the same, despite a new manager and the addition of a fourth person to my shift. Not much has changed since we've been bought out, but knowing corporations, it could take years for the full effect to filter down.

High points of the last few weeks:

Finding out superclerk is coming back to town.
More music-related activities going on.
I know there are more but, not being a natural optimist, I can't remember them right now.

Lows -

Still no medical card, so no appointment to see a doctor to get a referral to see an allergist to stop the constant agony of needing to sneeze but not being able to, and seeing would be nice, too. Not that it helps to be livings with various furry things, but that I can't change, so maybe drugs are the answer.

Money- or lack of it. Started to recover from tuition only to be hit with a $240 power bill, the paying of which has put off being able to order supplies like film and paper for photo class, of which the first roll is due Tuesday.

My poor grandmother (Dad's mom) been in and out of the hospital twice since Christmas, with various age-related aliments. Currently, she is living at Mom's as there are no stairs there for her to have to climb.

My other living grandparent, my mom's dad, had to move out of his house into an assisted living place in CA. And he's not been doing too great either.

And this is stupid, compared to everything else, but my ceramic parrot broke. I didn't pay money for it, but it was one of the few things from my grandmother's house that I really remembered, and it was the closest thing to a real bird I'm likely to get for the forseeable future.

S'all I have time for right now. Off to monotony again.



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