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My tongue is numb...

I'm feeling much better tonight than last. Maybe it was that I didn't have to pay for the ticket, maybe it's that S. agrees that N. is full of it for complaing about what was and wasn't accomplished last night, but I find myself in a good mood, despite the fact that we're still way behind and that's not even counting the stuff the other two stores have been sending to us. I runs what I runs and that's all that I runs, so if it isn't done, oh well.

Somewhat amusing was that Mom told me this morning that I'd find "goodies" in my locker when I got in, and I did. Problem is, I can't tell what they are as she got them at the little Hawaian store across from Park Lane mall and they came to me in ziploc bags. The last time I went there with mom, she was completely fascinated by the Hawaian version of trail mix, which included macadamia nuts, dried seaweed balls, and balls of dried, powerdered cuttlefish, all flavored with fish sauce and garlic. She ate the dam thing all the way down to my grandfather's, and the whole car reeked. Anyway, I figured the dried bananas were safe, since there isn't much you can do to them. And the things which look like dried soy beans covered in a brown powder are going to stay in my locker until I find out what, precisely, they are. Leaving me one bag. It looks like candied orange. It smells like candied orange. It tastes like candied orange, and then the ginger-tobasco kicks in. It was sweet of Mom. It was also completely Mom.

Hmmm, depending on what happens, might go see Return of the King with Mom after she gets off of work. And then to work, but that will be my Friday, so I don't have to worry so much about sleeping. Don't know what I'm doing this weekend. Mom's old college roomate might come up, so I might stop by to see her. And I need to get my car washed and the oil changed. Come to think of it, the windshield wipers need replacing, so there goes the rest of my paycheck. Called Blue Cross re my cards, which I never got. The lady sounded so generous when she told me I might expect them in 14 working days. Funny, because I've been paying for insurance since the first, so you'd think they might have mailed them around that time. I'll have to call the dentist and postpone my appointment. I was going to go in and get my eyes checked, but that will also have to wait. Grr.



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