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I always have a hard time accepting that my weekend is over. It seems like it always goes by so fast. At least I have a shorter work week than usual, even if only by one day. Not that it'll be a day of rest, as Mom's drafted me to help her on Thursday. I'm almost tempted to "forget" to set my alarm clock, except that I think she's on to me now, darn it all.

Hmm. Yesterday I drove to Susanville. Well, I didn't start out with Susanville in mind, I was looking for some appropriately inspiring desert/mountain scenes to try the infrared film on, sans human improvement, so I just got on 395 North and kept going. Susanville was kind of the point of no return if I wanted to get back in time to make orchestra. So, it was a nice drive, albeit cold. I really liked some of the scenery, though.

I had this great game going, kind of like the alphabet game, only this one dealt with livestock.

"Those are the biggest turkeys I've ever-"

And so on. I had the serious urge to just keep going down the road. Just to keep driving and never look back. It was so nice to just be going somewhere, even when I didn't know where I was going. One of these days, I'm going to sell everything I own sans car and just drive.

On that note, I think I'll put in for a month off in the spring/summer and just take a road trip. Now that I have a dependable vehicle that gets vastly improved gas mileage, I can just throw my sleeping bag in and take off. Oh, that sounds soooo good right now. Think I'll wait for slightly warmer weather, though.

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