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Is very cold and grey...

But it stopped raining, so at least that's something. I'm all for snow, but does it have to be so cold in the meantime?

Am at work, allegedly to do my benefits stuff, but was distracted by the massive updates on one of the sites I frequent. Yes, I am so easily distracted. Got off of work this morning to go to Mom's, allegedly for breakfast. Only, yeah, I got there and the first thing she said was would I mind clipping Larry-cat's claws and then giving him a bath? So, ten gallons of water later, I was rubbing down a very unhappy kitty who was trying to decide whether to crawl into my shirt or tear my face off. I swear, with as little hair as he has, he still looks wrong when wet. And his ears were completely flat. Then home to grab a quick shower (and drop an economy size bottle of shampoo on my toes) and off to meet Rue and see Brother Bear. And before anyone yells too much, it was an 11:30 showing, I had just found out this morning, and I have learned the hard way that it's best to let sleeping dragons lie.

Anyway, I really liked that movie. Not because of the animation, which was passable if rather sloppy. Not because of the story itself, which was sort of an ecoligically-correct Bambi with a bunch of cruel twists. A lot of it was the soundtrack. The music during the transformation was particulary intense. And I actually didn't mind Phil Collins, for once.

One thing I noticed was how dark the movie was to begin. Very intense. I think that must be me getting older, but the part on the glacier was very, very sad and noble, and I honestly wondered if maybe it was too depressing, but judging from the reactions around me, it wasn't. In retrospect, I can see why they made the first half so dark as the rest of the movie is relatively light. There was a noticable lack of villian throughout. The closest thing to it was so easy to symphathize with, and redeemed to boot, so much of the drama had to come from his internal struggle. This in itself isn't a bad thing, but a lot of the kids started getting restless towards the end. (On a side note, don't parents ever ask themselves how young is too young? It was somewhat irritating to see toddlers stumbling around the dark theater out of the corner of my eye. Hello!! Those are concrete floors and risers your spawn is falling onto and off of!!!)

And I want a moose, but it has to be a proper Canadian moose that says "Eh?" a lot. The outtakes at the end were adorable, too. Unusually, though, I didn't really care for the little bear cub. I don't know how much of that was the voice actor or what, but the character just didn't impress me much. Cute, spunky, just the right touch of angst, but I found myself wishing he'd just shut up and go sulk somehwere. Nor did I really connect with the main guy. That doesn't surprise me, as I rarely ever like the main protagonist. He starts out as a whiny, rebellious kid, and I spent the first half of the movie hating him for taunting the bear and the results of his taunting. Reminded me of Jim from Treasure Island. Why is it that the stupid, whiny ones get to have all the adventures? (Yes, Rue, I know that's my interpretation and there are others, but this is my journal, so :D) I did like the brothers more. They had more depth of character and reacted honestly. Had they centered on the other brother, the movie might have been more meaningful, since his was the journey that changed him the most.

Anyway, must now go to Mom's and make gnocci with her.

And I could have told you she was something sun-like last season, only the writers had no idea, so the show tomorrow should be interesting, at least. Though with Tyr dead there will be no one left to scheme over. I did like him, if only for his complete ruthlessness.

Broken promises don't upset me.
I just think, why did they believe me?

~Jack Handey



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