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Long rant about Star Wars

I hate being sick. It makes even the simplest thing hard to do. I had a hard time getting up to go to class today, and I sat there, so doped up on cold medicine that I'm afraid to look at the notes I took. I have enough trouble reading my handrwiting as it is.
Halloween is today. I think Julie's having some sort of party at her place. I don't know if I'll go. If I were working today, I'd get to dress up. Not that they'll let us wear any cool costumes. They have to conform to safety standards, and also not be "objectionable" to customers. How lame is that?
I finally went out and got Star by Star yesterday, and I absolutely have to write about it. I went to Borders, but I always forget that they never put the books out until three days after they're supposed to. Then I went to Barnes and Noble, and they had, it, but I had to really look around to find it. Some idoit had stocked it in the "New Nonfiction" section. Garrgh! You'd think that working in a bookstore, some of the intelligence woould be bound to rub off.
So anyway, I got the book around noon and started reading it in the vain hope that I'd be able to finish it before orchestra at four. No suck luck. The book is hardcover, and 650 pages long, which is pretty impressive for a Star Wars book. I was about two-thirds of the way through it when I had to put it down. All I can say is wow. I know the rest of the series is dark, but this book had a death toll equivelent to Deathrace 2000. And they weren't just minor characters. the majority of the dead were people who'd been in other books. Troy Denning was serious when he siad the book would be gory. There are fifty chapters in the book, and almost every one ends with someone dying.
Where to start... Noone in this book, with the exception of the bad guys, is having a good day. The government has degenerated. Jedi are being hunted down and killed right and left. Even the kids. That's another thing about this series - children are no longer off-limits. Of the twenty or so Jedi that most of the book revolves around, only one is older than eighteen, and the rest are around fourteen, fifteen. And of that original twenty, only four come out alive. For a Star Wars book, that's very unusual.
And the deaths are gory, painful and on-screen. Also atypical.
Not that I don't love the book, because I did. It was probably the best Star Wars book I've ever read. I'm just came out of it so darn depressed. And wishing to hell it was Feburary already, so I could read the next one.
Before I go on, I should make something clear. My favorite character is Jaina Solo. She really gets some serious angst in this book. She comes into it seriously screwed up emotionally, and things only get worse. Her little brother dies right in front of her. Yes,I'm taling about Anakin. She really flips out when the baddies take his body. She turns major Dark-Side (re: Palpitine lightning) to get his body back. Then her twin brother gets captured by the baddies. Also not good. The book ends (ENDS!) with her injured, trying to fly a badly crippled ship away from the baddies, knowing that she's leaving Jacen behind, something that is at least partially her fault. Talk about guilt. I really wish there had been a little bit more. Febuary is so dammned far off!
In other parts of the book, Coruscant (the Star Wars equivelent of Washington DC, only with a thousand times the population) falls. Not good. All in all, it was a very dark book. Anything that invloves torturing kids is bound to be dark, but still...
Denning really makes a dent in the dramatis personea list in the front of the book. Some of the more well-known dead include: Anakin Solo, Lusa, Lyric, Raynar (I think), and that's just the YJK characters. God, wish I hadn't read the book so fast. Patience isn't my strongest virtue!



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