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Have just finished long rant in the shift turnover log. Won't win me "co-worker of the month", but I think I can live with it. I have decided that any jobs remotely unclear or that require me to assume anything will no longer be run. In the past, I have used common sense and they usually turn out okay, only lately it seems that there is something wrong with everything I run. So, the first thing I do now is to sort through the piles and pick out any order that isn't completely filled out, hasn't been preflighted, or whatnot, and put them, one by one, in the hold bin. N. can either deal with them, deal with the idiots who took the order, or perhaps even get in the habit of looking at the orders as she logs them in, because by the time they get to me, it's allready too late to do anything about it.

Yesterday I left *gasp* 15 minutes early as I had to pick up Dad from the car-rental place. Then we went to breakfast at Baldini's before I dropped him off at home.
I also picked up my lens, and aside from it being significantly heavier than my camera, it fits my camera and happily, has the same filter diameter as my shorter lens. What does this mean, you ask? Well, short answer is that I don't have to shell out any more money buying filters for two different lenses as I can use the ones I have now. And at $30 a filter, that's a very good thing. Had a bit of embarrasment trying to figure out how to make it "zoom" until I realized that unlike my shorter lens, this one doesn't twist, it slides. For a moment I was afraid I was going to have to call up and I'm sure I would have sounded like an idiot to the Minolta help desk people. Then I spent a good hour playing with the focusing ring.

Interesting thing is that I can actually see the depth of field change in this lens. On my other one everything stays in focus and I have to wait to look at the film. Now I have to puzzle out the relationship between the depth of field settings on the lens and the depth of field setting on the camera. But, I can now get significantly closer to stuff without getting closer to stuff. Which also means carrying around a tripod as I have to either pump more light onto whatever I'm taking pictures of (most difficult) or settle for slower shutter speeds (easier). Plus, that lens gets damn heavy when I handhold it for any length of time.

Last weekend was opera (Puccini's Butterfly); this weekend is Reno Phil. Should be a good concert, with some prodigy-teen doing Rhapsody in Blue, and then Shubert's Symphony 8, and ending with Beethoven 7, one of my favorites. A very crowd-pleasing concert, considering lately they've been doing a lot of esoteric modern stuff. Oh, and maybe a movie, but that's not for sure.



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