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So totally fed up with this...

Just sat in the driveway this morning and cried for a good twenty minutes. Then slept, in which I had horrible dreams about many things. Woke up, showered, went to class and failed the midterm miserably, and by miserably I mean couldn't even answer fully half of the questions, not even to guess. Wrote the most awful essay for the last half. Found out that yeah, I bombed the map quiz (which was no big surprise) and that there's another paper due next week. Oh, and just got an e-mail from the photo teacher in which he mentions there's a critique Tuesday, so to bring 5 spotted, mounted prints. Never mind that spotting is like painting a mural with a toothpick and mounting is equally as tedious. And that's in addition to the stuff allready due. So, in addition to work and the concert and rehearsal this weekend, I am now completely buried in work I'll never catch up on unless I dedicate myself to like four hours of sleep a day.

Oh, and I'm not going to day shift because, in S. words, "that just wasn't feasible". Right, so it's more feasible to go without a day key-op indefinitely?

I did have a rather geeky episode coming out of class, though. There were guys from the survival skills class, which I may take eventually, out in the courtyard attempting to start a fire with a bow. So, being out earlier than usual, I watched for a few minutes, then pointed out that for that if they wanted to do something other than wear themselves out, they needed to have a notch in the wood they were drilling and tinder underneath to catch the coal. Idiots. Honestly, I would think something that crucial would have stuck. So, they stared at me for a while, explained they were in the middle of a practical, then went back to what they were doing before. And the best part is that as I walked away, their drill stick broke. I did tell you it was a geeky episode.


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Oct. 2nd, 2003 01:56 am (UTC)
*hugs* Good luck Theresa...would offer to help, but don't think I could do much. Just sending good thoughts and wishes.
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