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Strange day... so far...

Slept insanely well, amd the only reason I'm not still sleeping is I made myself get up and make my bed, and since it's a little too cold downstairs to sleep on top of the blankets, I am therefore not asleep. Got upstairs in time to participate in the Great Kitty Drama, which consisted of a kitten putting his paw in the ferrets' cage, being latched onto by aforementioned ferret, Mama Cat repeatedly launching herself at the cage and yowling whist three of us were trying to convince the ferret to let go. End results - Lyssa taking kitty in to get paw looked at, Mama Cat sporting new fashionable bottlebrush tail, and shattered nerves for the rest of us. Heh. Never a dull moment.

In other news, I really shouldn't go out and get the book as I have a midterm tomorrow and I need to read like five chapters, but we all know how weak I am in that respect. So, maybe I can convince myself to just buy the book and not read it today. Yeah, that'll happen. Busy few days ahead. S. asked me to
go in Thursday at ten for DocStore training, which means that I might get four hours of sleep that day. Skippy. Nothing better than working and going to class sleep deprived.

Spent yesterday doing laundry and cleaning a little, as well as mixing chemistry. And wasn't that just a brain-twisting experience, as all the chemicals were metric but the bottles and bucket and measuring containers were in good old ounces and gallons, and someone forgot to put directions on the fixer as to exactly how to mix it, so hopefully I got it right. I'll check on them later as they may be cool enough to use now. Then I went to orchestra and tried my hardest to stay awake, so who knows what will happen at the concert.



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