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Angrily depressed...

Why can't I ever learn anything without first screwing up?

Without seeing the photographs to be certain, your description sounds much like "vignetting" caused by stacking the polarizer mounting ring. Vignetting is caused by the lens looking through something smaller in diameter than its angle of view. The edges of the film frame are blocked, particularly the corners. This problem is independent of shutter speed used. Vignetting is not always that obvious in the viewfinder; it usually doesn't look as dramatic as it does on film, or in the resulting print. It can be easy to miss seeing if you're not specifically looking for it.

Vignetting typically this occurs when too many filters are stacked, sometimes with a lens hood. Also, the wider angle the lens, the greater risk of occurrance. Were you usually at the shorter focal lengths on the zoom in these photographs?

Nearly all polarizers are deeper than other types of filters because there is a ring that screws onto the front of the lens and a rotating one holding the filter on top of that. Because of this, always consider a polarizer as if it's two filters stacked. If stacked on top of a lens hood or another filter, it's as if there are three filters stacked and the vignetting risk increases, especially with a wide angle lens.

Now I have a roll and a half of film that will be most difficult to print from. And I got the added benefit of having the teacher mention loudly how "messed up" the film looked in front of the entire class. And why weren't there any warnings on the packaging for the damn filters, anyway? Would that be too easy. I mean, if they're going to the trouble to put "product not edible" on the case, would it really hurt to add a line or two for non-idiots? And furthurmore, why in the nine hells did our teacher not mention that at the time he told us to get the goat-sucking filters? Why???

Going to see what I can salvage now, and if I have to redo the assignment. Rampant destruction will to ensue if so, following short crying jag...

*In addition my hands reek of vinegar, and did I mention the skin is just peeling off? Stupid (loose) tank lid...

*Excess emotion most likely influenced by lack of sleep yesterday due to the suddeness of aforementioned assignment. But honestly, I haven't ficking messed up that much in a long time. Gah.


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Sep. 19th, 2003 01:49 pm (UTC)

Don't panic, it'll come out OK in the end. *petpet* Lemmee know if I can help. I suck at photography, but I can make killer coffee and vodka drinks, and I'm sure Lyssa can contribute a kitten or two...
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