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How dry screwed I we am are...

Why, yes, that's possible... Give me a few years to perfect the science of cloning, and everything due today will be done, plus all the wonderful StM due Monday.

*censored for, um, censoring's sake*

H. just gave me a pic of my parents. Miracle of all miracles is that they're both smiling. At the same time. And no one's bleeding.

Just finished Rl.'s eval. I rather despise St. for making me write it, as that will now...complicate...things working with her. Plus, does that mean that I get to write my own performance eval, as I am the only one working with me? Of course not, St. will write mine, even though he works with me an hour tops, but that's just Life, I suppose. Oh, and now a portion of our review will be based on, of all things, branch turnover. As if I can control how many idiots are hired and how long it takes to fire them... Still no manager, not even word on whether or not there will even be an interim manager... I give it a month before something big hits the fan and corporate comes-a-calling...

Ah, yes, life outside of work. Failed dismally on the map quiz in anthropology. I think of all the countries we had to find, I'd heard of maybe four. Grrr. And this was listed in the syllabus as the "easy A". Methinks I shall not take another class from this woman. Upcoming essay on FGM promises to be ever so fun. Class discussion even more so. You know, I read that damn textbook, and I kind of thought she was supposed to lecture and teach around it. Interesting stuff. There's an article in the reader called something like "Shakespeare in the Bush" that I found amusing, though I think that's just me.

Photography goes well. Already farther along thus far than last time, though this guy tends to gloss over a lot of stuff, making it harder to follow directions that were never given. Must go get chemistry soon. And red filter. Oh, how I wish I had a macro lens. Maybe by Christmas.... Okay, realisticaly, maybe not, but gosh everything is so cool that close up. Scavenger hunt roll is due Thursday, which is when it will be developed. Then, my pretties...
Okay, no more caffiene for me today. I am quite tempted to go up to TMCC as the lab is theorectically open, but I probably shouldn't as it's been a year since I last used the enlarger and darkroom etiquitte is quite complicated. But I do have that roll of charming kitties...

Okay, better go before I get drafted to collate RTC....



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