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Oooh, free...

Apparrently Del Rey, acting on orders from Lucasfilm, has decided to release the e-book Ylesia, which happens in the middle of Destiny's Way, for free as a printable PDF. I had thought that it was to be placed in the paperbook version of Destiny's Way like they had done with the other ebooks, but it wasn't. So, given the outcry I'm sure was raised, though not by me, they put it on starwars.com as a printable PDF. Hee. So now I have my own lovely copy. There are a lot of lines in it that could have been written by Aaron Allston himself, but it does stay quite serious. Good to see ole Thrackan again, though he's a little more bumbling inept than I would have thought. And Nom Anor has his usual scenes, along with Shimmra. Jag was cute, if completely too cuddly. The part where Jaina wiped the floor with him in sabacc killed me, though it didn't quote make up for the foot rub. At least the sabacc game was more accurate for the characters, and now I know where all those horrible fanfics come from. Jacen was - meh - usual Jacen, though it was nice to see someone reacting to the phrophecy. That was the one thing I noticed reading the hardcover, no one seems to even take notice. Though the author admitted that he added that in personally, so now there's a very good possibility that it will fall into EU limbo along with the whole Anakin/Tahiri thing as well as Raynar. Ah, well.

Went to photography, barely remembering to bring the camera this time. Pretty basic stuff: shutter, f-stops, various controls. He had us test the meters, and mine was accurate, though I was a little dissappointed that I had to show him how to work my camera. I mean, the man had no trouble with any other camera, and there were some really funky ones there. Plus, and I forgot to mention this earlier, there's a kid who comes to class in a long, flowing, Vader-esque cape. If it weren't for the fact that he acts his age or younger most of the time - barely 18, I think - he might be easier to get along with. Reminds me of Tim as a freshman. Must remember to order film. I have a few rolls left over from the 1st time, but this guy wants a different brand, and that would be confusing in terms of developing times, since each type is slightly different.

I might even borrow Mom's camera later on, seeing as how it has the nifty macro lens and much more basic control system. My Minolta's kind of a pain because everything is on the LED screen, which I can't see when I'm looking though the viewer. With hers, both the shutter and the aperture are rings on the lens, so that is much easier because I can feel where the settings are. In addition, my camera goes through batteries ten times faster than hers beacuse mine is so heavily automated. But, that contrasts with how much of a pain it is to load film on hers and the ease at which you can shoot a whole roll of picture with the film never advancing. Plus, I always forget to change the ISO setting on hers and can hence screw up yet another way. So, we'll see how it goes.



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