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Or so I said to ruebert when she told me what her alleged "spaghetti sauce" contained.;)

Um, busy last couple of days. Went to orchestra, which was at TMCC but that was the last time. Next Monday's Labor Day, so no classes, but the week after that we're in the new building. Cool. Shorter drive, and the room at TMCC sounds just awful. Another Mahler sized 'cello section, but this time we have the violins to go with it. Lessee, playing Beethoven's 3rd Piano Concerto (solo by Robin Stamper *dies*) and Grieg's Holburg Suite (aka "yeah, that'll happen" to string players). Played the Grieg last semester with UNR, but even with that orchestra it was a bitch and a half, so we'll see what comes of it. And we're doing the Messiah this year because RCO stopped doing it, so that will be much fun. I like that piece, and I know it pretty well. Um, had planned on playing in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, but the rehearsal times during class, as are half the performances. So, no musical for me until spring.

Photography seems like a whole lot of work, as usual. What womps is that they just downgraded it from five to three credits, but there's just as much class time, and tons of lab time, so it'll be the most work I've ever done for a three-credit class in a long time. On the good side is that the teacher seems healthy enough, so no more cancelled classes (one of the reasons I dropped it last semester). But, the first thing he said in class was that it had always been 6-9, so did anyone have any objections to meeting an hour earlier than planned? Um, hello, I registered in April for the class, and the time was clearly on it. Hell yes I had objections. I barely get enough sleep as it is. Luckily other people were just as peeved, so that stayed 7-10. And I only have to order film and paper this time around, so that saves money. And chemistry, but that's cheaper at Gordon's anyway. And I think I can use the laundry room for a darkroom.

Got home yesterday just dead, but managed to wake up enough to put the garbage out, hearing the garbage truck just down the street as I was doing so. Then sleep, in which I dreamed that I woke up and it was 5, so I thought I had another hour, then really woke up and realized that it was actually 6:40. So mad dash to TMCC to find the room for anthropology. I made it with like thirty seconds to spare, but then the teacher was way late anyway. Oh, but the first discussion was all about sex, and next week's is on everyone's favorite topic, female circumcision. Down point is that between now and then I have 2 chapters to read in the text, two sections to read in the reader, five articles to read at the library, a paper and an outline to do. Gah. I would like to point out that hardly anyone had bought their books yet, and mine aren't scheduled to ship here until Friday at the earliest, so that class is starting to scare me a little. It sounds like it'll be more cultural anthropology than physical. We also watched the old silent Nanook of the North last night. Good movie, though some of the music makes the soundtrack to Psycho seem downright relaxing by comparison. Plus I had to put up with the gaggle of girls behind me who spent the whole film being very audibly disgusted, revolted, and just downright shallow and close-minded. I seriously wanted to turn around and tell them to grow up, but it wouldn't have helped. And wouldn't you know that those very same girls are in my "randomly" assigned study group.

So, after work I get a few hours sleep, then back to photography, then work.



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