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What if this weren't a hypothetical question?

Okay, so all of yesterday's wonderful plans went straight out the windwo in the space of about ten minutes. See, Mom called just as I was leaving from work. Apparrently, the cat had gotten out through a screen that was only slightly loose and now is thouroughly gone. So, after deciphering the gist of the hysterical conversation, I went over to help her look for him. Figuring that he hadn't quite learned how to climb over the fence, I took a quick look around the yard, since there are oh so many places that a kitty can hide in. Then I went down the driveway and around to the neighbor's, who keeps a cat much like aminomiko's. Our hardened escapee was there with his face in the food bowl, with the other cat looking in amusement. Thus was a crisis averted, a mother much pleased, and a cat punished with half a can of tuna.

Oh, and in the process of searching I found a zucchini that Mom had missed in her vegatable garden and that was nigh approaching sentience in addition to developing legs, since it was already as big as her lower leg. The I left before she could pawn any more zucchini spawn off on me. Then home to fuzzy kitten rampage and few hours of sleep.

I woke up both times Lyssa stuck her head in, but it wasn't until the third time that I managed not to fall asleep again. Couldn't find Blazing Saddles, so we went to Jeni's parents' house and played Cranium, Compatability, and then one pathetic round of Scrabble. I liked Cranium. It is a good game, even if the only part I didn't suck at was the drawing catagory.

Eventually I will go home and take a nap and then get up and mow the lawn, since the lawnmower is now fixed (it is, right?). Then off to some picnic thing later in the day. Then, I might have a whole evening to myself before Monday starts and school begins. I still don't know where Jen will hold rehearsal, since our new building isn't up to code yet, but I had heard rumors that it might be at Maytan, though I'll call around later.

Ordered my textbooks online, since they were marginally cheaper even with shipping. Photography book's the same, so that's covered. Had an interesting series of dreams, but all that I can remember is that they were interesting.

That's all I can think of, so off to either write or revise some more. Ciao.
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