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No, we have no bananas...

Okay, seriously wondering how on earth I'm going to pay for anything else this month, which is bad because I just got paid and I should have money, but I don't because it all went to TMCC. *errgh*

Anyway, doing laundry now so as to have shirt to wear to work, then at some point I have to go gorcery shopping, and my dorky brother is supposed to call re him registering at TMCC because he waited until Monday to try to register at UNR and was oh so surprised that every section is full. Jeesh, yeah, what do you expect two weeks before classes? But I can't find it in my heart to let him muddle through it alone, so that shall be dealt with soon. I hope.

It was a happy weekend. Saturday saw Mom and I in Tahoe city for a party for one of my Uncle's (distantly related) who was visiting from France with his wife. Damn, but now I want to go to France. It was something of a shock to see three of the cousins that I babysat for grown up. The eldest Is starting UNR this year. I feel so old it isn't even funny. At any rate, we echanged phone numbers, so I might call her up one of these days. She, too, moved out and is working two jobs to pay her way, so we have a lot in common.

Sunday was spent at Tahoe. Ah, it was lovely weather and the water was so nice. It was nice to get out of Reno, if even for a day. Funny, though, that I burned a little area on the bac k of my knee. Usually I burn somewhere more predictable. Then we got back just a little late for the kitty shower, in which Larry was horrifically cute and ever so pouncy. Was just thinking that now that I have a decent car, I can go camping on the weekends. Hmmm, the possibilities.



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