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Paws *off* the keyboard...

On my last day off, and it always seems they go so quickly. Went down to the store this morning to make the invitations for the kitty shower happening Sunday, and they came out not-too-bad. Was supposed to pick up Dad from the doctor's office, but they called and apparrently needed Mom in person there, so that has me kind of worried. It was just a simple procedure, but he was under a general, so who knows what will come of this day?

Neh, and the cat would want to sit on the keyboard while I'm trying to type. There was a bit of a kuffufle outside on the street earlier with a half-dozen police cars, an ambulance, and a fire engine, but that seems to have since dissapated.

Saturday night was my aunt and uncle's 30th anniversary, so my cousin threw them a surprise party. It was surprisingly nice to see everyone and talk to my grandmother. And it seems that as we get older my cousin M. and I actually get along better. It might help that we are both currently never going to graduate from College and working and Not Involved, which makes it harder for my grandmother to say anything, though I did get the usual spiel about how I should wear a dress more often. Bleh. At any rate, I pretty much enjoyed myself once I had fully regained consciousness. I had taken a quick nap right before, and then Jenny came in and said that Mom would be by to pick me up in five minutes, to which I think I replied, "no, but if you hum a few bars..." or something, not having fully awakened to the point of coherency. And then right before I left St. from work called, but for the life of me I couldn't remember the conversation. Later that night the others went to see Rocky Horror at Bruka, but by that point I was two seconds away from being comatose, so I slept for a while. And yesterday was spent reading and just generally recovering from the week. Later on I might go over to Mom's and see how Dad is, but she said not too soon because he's still pretty groggy. Ergh, and that just sounded like some cat-atstrophe downstairs, so here we go again... I swear, if she's knocked over another plant... Bad enough that she ate my baby bonsai...



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