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Incoherent ramblings ahoy...

Alpha Red: Why not? Or so was the topic of the day over at tf.net. Hmm, forgoing the usual question of morality and ethics, putting aside the problem of delivering it instantaneusly to thousands of locations in order to prevent nasty bio-relatiation, we'll go straight to the problem of that nasty chance it could mutate beyond it's designed parameters and, oh, I dunno, completely decimate every bit of life on every planet. Besides, that would be a helluva let down for a series-ender, and then we'd never get to see how Nom Anor wriggles his way out of dying.

Today was a sneezy bustle of activity. First off was the fact that something at work majorly triggered my allergies to the point of I couldn't see - my eyes were watering that badly. And it was starting to seriously hurt when I sneezed. At any rate, I went home for a quick shower and was pretty much better by the time I got home. Then over to pick up Mom and then to the DMV to register the car. Then after saying goodbye to my checking account, we headed over to Petco to get some "necessities" for the kitty. (Boy, that is one needy cat.) Then home to pick up aforementioned cat, then back to Mom's to settle in the kitty, who pretty much sought out the darkest corner he could find and huddled there. Then back home to finally sleep. Woke up feeling like I had been pushed through a ricer. At work now, where nothing seems to be working and everything is due at seven this morning. Haven't got the faintest idea of how anything will be done with all the machines down, but isn't that typical? Think I may have to go home and crash after work. My eyes still feel like they have been polished with sandpaper.


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Aug. 1st, 2003 06:26 am (UTC)
aw, poor kitty!

Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be out climbing on stuff and driving your mom nuts in no time n_n
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