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Cats as cannon fodder... or ammo...

Black demon was crazy this morning, doing laps around the liveing room, which was more than a little funny because that entire floor, with the exception of Lyssa's room, is wood floors. So she'd do something normally seen on The Fast and the Furious and then act like she meant to do it. Met Lyssa as she was getting up, and we had the most interesting discussion of cats as cannon fodder, ammunition, and using kittens as the CIA's most recent weapon as they are so devastatingly cute. At any rate, Mom's decided she wants the striped kitten, and that she'll call him Larry.

Yes, Larry. I tried to change her mind, but she'd rather stubborn.

Hmmm, been playing phone tag with Dad. He called me, I call him, neither of us is picking up the phone, so it's like one giant game of telephone. Complicating matters is Mom telling me what she thinks Dad wants, but she really doesn't know, so I just get more and more confused.

Um, spent yesterday watching DVD's downstairs, hoping my head woulnd't feel like someone's attacking it with an ice pick. Better today, but still tired and dizzy. Hope this doesn't mean I've inherited Dad's migraines. Went out earlier to get gas ($1.59/gallon) and go grocery shopping. Have to go to the bank later, and I should do a load of laundry as I have no work shirts left.

Just saw a tidbit that says Fett will be in The Unifying Force. It isn't confirmed, but if true it would be rather dissappointing. Sounds very much like fan servie, bringing him in in the second to last book. Last I heard he was old, missing a leg, and mayor of Serndipal. And someone said that Anakin was on the cover of one of the books. My guess is as an avatar of Sonoma Sekot if anything. Ergh. It is called The Final Prophecy, so they might just bring him back, but I seriously doubt it.

And I think I hear the tightrope-walking kitten again. Later.



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