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Color me surprised...

Well, not really. Staffing third shift has always be problematic at best, and I knew in my heart that it couldn't last, having five people on grave. I just didn't admit it until now, when things come to a head and R. has had the joy of working alone in a part of town you don't want to walk at night. Which means that the first thing to happen will be me gong back to five days a week. It will happen, since Raili has already stated she is in it for a part-time thing only, and seniority doesn't mean jack there, so there goes any life I might have had, as well, as the semester I just paid for in full. Wonder if that'll matter to the new powers-that-be. The remnant of my money's on no.

Hmmm, other than that had a pretty nice weekend. Went with Mom Saturday down to Colfax to see gramps, and then a short drive to Nevada city to window shop for a while, though we ended up staying too long and missing church, which I was more than okay with, but that brought up an rather nasty psuedo arguement about my lack of religion, to which I very deliberately said nothing. Then we cleaned out the gutters on gramps house and then went to dinner at Giovanni's. God, that has to be in the top ten Italian restaurants I've been too.

Then Sunday we spent a few hours at Rollins, where the water is warmer than Tahoe, but still nicely cold. And then back to town through a thunderstorm. Yesterday I did laundry and then made a big bowl of chilled cucumner-yoghurt soup and watched Treasure Planet on the rescued TV with Jen. And then it got cool enough to sleep right around 3 in the morning. Thought the piano movers would be here today, but it turns out not for a while.

So today I'm supposed to go with Dad and meet a lady who wants to sell her Suburu, but with the way work is going I might just say a polite "no".



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