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Frustrating? Pointless? Inefficient? Yup. Important?

Not on your life.

I have decided I don't care. Work is work. It will always be that way. I can't change anything. I can't improve it. Therefore, I will not agonize about it any longer. Managers are and always will be hypocritical morons. Therefore, I will take a page from their book and nod and smile and let it flow in one ear and out the other. I will no longer slave to any remnant of ethical decency I once worked under. I will notice only the bitter irony of it all, and only then to laugh at it, since they say that comedy is that last refuge of the nonconformist mind. I will not torture myself day in and day out asking stupid questions like "why" and "how" and "what". I will smile serenely and nod appropriately like the blue-collar bobble-head I should be. I will not, as they say, "internalize". I will simply not give a damn.

!) Tuesday I got up somewhat early to Wall-Mart and then to B&N to get the bookie. Saw Nate there, I think he said hi, but I was too zombiefied to notice. Oh, and I started to put up all the various windchimes and such. Very pretty, not to mention harmonious. Then off to dinner w/parents, no brother as he was working. Then home for a quick shower before work.

Today shall be spent in sleep, and then perhaps going through a box or two, after I take back the closet from the spiders. And Mom said something about Taiko drumming @ Wingfield, so maybe I'll go. I liked the group I saw at DisneyWorld all those years ago.

On a strange note, I kept forgetting that yesterday was my birthday, even though I was constantly reminded. And Mom rolled out her "six hours of agony, no epidural..." speech in the restuarant, too. *grin*. She says the reason I was never much of a morning person was that I was born at a quarter to noon. Go figure...


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Jul. 2nd, 2003 04:20 am (UTC)
I did tell you to enjoy those nights off.
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