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Of style, HP, and why I hate my job...

All of a sudden my lj style refuses to show the TITLE table, the one with my userpic and such. Beats me if I know what happened, but between that and the little stiff, I think it's long past time to revamp my LASTN page. Pity, because I like the simplicity of it and the fact that all the links I need are right there, but now I can't even get the stupid thing to capitalize the days of the week and months. Grrr. Anyone know any cool styles?

I added a new icon, taken from my last pathetic attempt at "art" photography. Inverted, with the hues changed, it looks rather neat, but it was also seriously cropped. (A big no-no in the genre.)

Heh, went to place a hold on the new Harry Potter book at the library, and my place in line is 238 out of 238. On second thought, I think I'll just read stormyserenity's after she gets done with it. Patience I have, but not that much. Damn snot-nosed brats. And you know they'll all take 3 months to read the book.

So, yes, I have just been informed that H. wants to talk to me at the bequest of D. re some "concerns" they have about, and I quote here, "the amount of supervision required on third shift". What this means, I couldn't tell you, haveing not been there since Friday night, but I can only guess at what brought it on. Amazing, is it not, that I can be in two places at once. Yes, friends, I have learned the secret to astral projection and was able to direct my presence to work while at the same time my body was in ANOTHER ******* STATE. Even more amazing is my ability to supervise while in such a non-coporeal state.

And, *gasp*, my schedule is still messed up. Well, hell. I guess I should feel grateful I even get days off, even if they aren't exactly consecutive.

Hmm, I was planning to linger in this part of town unitl the library opens so I could get the stuff I put on hold, but I don't think I can stay awake for that. Bad, because I finally got the next Juliet Marillier book, and it looks fairly interesting, though I'm starting to wonder if she has something against happy endings. And the last of Lackey's Owl***** trilogy. I am somewhat surprised at how much I like Darien, seeing as how he's not really the type of character I go for. Usually it's the girls/women. Perhaps it's Rue rubbing off on me. I'll probably just go to my aunt's house and nap for a while. 'Tis a good house for it, very quiet and cool. If only it weren't so far away...

And we now have some semblence of a rec room, minus a TV. The couch was described rather... differently to me, but it should be okay after a good cleaning. And no one died moving it, so that's good.


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Jun. 17th, 2003 03:51 am (UTC)
*sighs* You know, I thought I did a pretty damn good job over the weekend, the only bad night was Sunday night, and we got all th work done, and yeah, I messed up but it wasn't that bad of a messup, and I apologized about twenty times, and H. said it was bloody fine, so why, why if there was a problem over the weekend didn't they come to me about it!?

Fuck. *sighs* I hate it when people go behind my back.
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