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Guide to safe fax...

Q) Do I have to be married to have safe fax?

A) No. While it is not unusual for married people to fax quite often, single people safely fax complete strangers everyday.

Q) My parents say they never had fax when they were young and they were only allowed to write memos to each other until they were twenty--one. How old do you think someone should be before they can fax?

A) Faxing can be performed at any age once you learn the correct
procedure, but usually adults fax more than children or early teenagers.

Q) If I fax something to myself will I go blind?

A) Absolutely not! Just because you have somehow managed to fax yourself, you certainly will not go blind.

Q) There is a place on our street where you can go and pay to fax. Is it legal?

A) Yes, many people have no outlet for their fax needs and must pay a "professional" when their desire to fax becomes great.

Q) Should a cover always be used when you are faxing?

A) Unless you are really sure of the one you are faxing, a cover should always be used to insure safe fax.

Q) What happens when I lose control of the procedure and fax prematurely?

A) Don't panic! Many people prematurely fax when they haven't faxed in a long time. Just start over. The person you are faxing will usually want you to try to fax again.

Q) I fax professionally and on occasion I enjoy faxing on a personal basis. Can transmissions become mixed up?

A) Being bi-faxual can sometimes be confusing. As long as you use the proper cover with each, you won't transmit anything you are not supposed to.



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