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Rumors of my death....

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Um, that's good, I guess. I know somw people that won't be too surprised.

So, in one of life's little twists, I now have to get new glasses. Mine have been going downhill for a LONG time (ask anyone who's ever had to deal with me popping the lenses back into the frames (just be glad you weren't in the car with me when it happened) and sighed), but they absolutely distenegrated Saturday morning at work. Yep, nothing better than trying to deal with the fact that everything beyond about three feet away is a total blur while stupid people are glaring at you. I am going to be so glad when I go to grave. This whole customer service bend-over-backwards-so-we-can-screw-you policy is highly aggravating. I realize that I work in a serivice industry, but it's getting ridiculous. The Powers That Be are now telling us that we can't say "no" to anything, so even if it means staying overtime to see that everything gets done, that's what we have to do. (Of course, they're also yelling at us for getting overtime, so I get the feeling that it's a Catch-22 situation.)
Hmm, nothing really monumental going on at school. Orchestra's fun, but I do wish that we weren't playing so much modern music. Give me Mozart or Beethoven anytime over some hideous Barber clarinet concerto that doesn't even have any movements. I actually got to sit 4th chair the other day, and I kind of liked it. It's a lot easier to listen and keep time when you can actually hear the other sections playing, plus I could see the bowings that Emily was using. When I sit further back, all I hear is a lot of 'cellos.
TMCC's actually a lot of fun this year. Well, once we get past the stupid Holst suite. I played it in high school, and I hated it then. I mean, this guy was german, and all of his other stuff (ever heard of the Planets?) is great. But this stupid suite represents his foray into French Impressionist, and it really, really stinks. (Rue might remember it, we played it freshman year. You know, the piece where the whole first movement is nothing but scales.) At any rate, it's way too easy, and most of the players had it down in the first three times. After that, we get to play the whole Mozart clarinet concerto, which I would actually like more save for the fact that I've played the second movement at least 6 times in the last four years, so it's getting a little old. But the first movement's fun, and the last is a blast. Then, we get to try Barber's adagio for strings, which is pretty risky considering this orchestra's only two years old and we usually have more 'cellos than both violin sections together. This piece is so gorgeous, though, that I have no complaints. It's one of the few pieces of 20th century classical music I like, and the only Barber I can stand.
Anyway, have to go, maybe back soon.



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