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Lotsa dead brine shrimp later...

Keeping with tradition, our lab today was somewhat shortened by the discovery that the brine shrimp we were supposed to play God with came to us a little less, er, worse for the wear. Actually, they were mostly dead as the lab tech who was supposed to be taking care of them has been AWOL for a few days now. Ah, well, ce la vie. Well, not if you're a brine shrimp.

Still angry over work, but that last post was somewhat cathartic, and I am presently over the kick-and-scream-and-kill-Kill-KILL phase. For now. I think I might even keep to the speed limit on the drive home. God help me, I think I'll ask Mom for a Prozac or two for this weekend. Setting up to be a doozy, workwise. You should have just kept driving, ruebert. Though I doubt even Sacremento would be far enough away by now. High muckity-mucks are supposed to be visiting Sunday and Monday, so on top of everything there will be much cleaning to do. Couldn't do any more on the list as I left my pressure washer in my other purse, but gosh knows they'll notice the brick wall outside is *gasp* dusty.

And now it's time for this week's recap.
Sunday was spent procrastinating the biology paper and then going to the Reno Phil concert. Berlioz's Roman Carnival Overture, VaughanWilliams' Norfolk Rhapsody, and a big fat Beethoven 9 for the season finale. All very good, and the 9th had a gazoogle of singers to boot.
Monday was marred by the returning of the latest bio test *ouch* and only slightly improved in time for rehearsal. Also I slept a great deal that night.
Tuesday... With the exception of going to the Phil again with Mom, distinctly unmemorable.
Wednesday - class, followed by a few errands and then dinner and a movie. Then hell work </strike>hell. Oh, and bookie, but that will hopefully be expanded upon in another post in the near future.
Yesterday consisted of sleeping like the dead... for a whole four hours, then being despicably wide awake. But, there was CSI to watch, which was the only reason I'm not presently unemployed. Yet.
Which brings us to today. Yeah. And you already know about it so far, so I should probably go home while the karma's still halfway good. Arrivaderce (sp?), all.

Oh, before I forgets, link toTMCC's music stuff for veijukka. And, extrordinarily early I might add, is a first look at The Unifying Force, allegedly with a CdRom of the Yuuzhan VOnd database and some other stuff. Following pattern, the cover sucks, though not as much as usual. Look closely peeps. See any potted plants?

A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you are keeping.
-Kenneth Tynan


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May. 2nd, 2003 11:45 am (UTC)
Heheheh...yes. I don't which to comment on first.

Ah...first of all, just let me know about work. I know enough now that I think I could make some of your problems...ahem, disappear, without anything...untoward happening.

Well, OK...at least I know what NOT to do.

Music...will look into. Thankie for info. :) Now that I've determined that the faggot (that's German for bassoon, people) does still work and that I do remember where most of the notes are, I guess there's really no excuse...

And now...mmmm...Yuuzhan Vong. Hee. Oh wait! I forgot to check for the potted plant...
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