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Gone with the wind...

It's slightly windy. No, really. There's a huge piece of insulation on my car and I think I just saw a house go by. Heh, but the power only flickered once. Can't it just be a normal spring-like day already?

And the latest in the ongoing saga of car wars, the Bantha somewhat works, but mother stole it yesterday because her truck didn't, and I only got it back just in time to go to work last night. Today, I have to once again relinquish it because allthough her truck now works, my brother's bronco died yesterday in a sudden, swift alternator attack, and he needs to use her truck to get to school and work, and therefore she needs to use mine to get to work. Capiche? Gods perserve us if Dad's car decides to act up, because there ain't any more chairs left in our little game of musical automobiles.

Work-related news is that D. has decided that in order to lower our clicks sold/clicks made ratio, we are now to run all IGT jobs two-up on ledger. On the surface, this seems to be a great thing, but in reality makes for a pain because of the way the Doc works; all the copies have to be output to the top tray instead of the stacker, not to mention hand collating in all of the inserts that are already letter size. Craptacular. Other than that, not much dynamically different that any other day, just the joy of working in a store where half of the coworkers just recently got "counseling" statements, which means they're either bitter and apathetic or so paraniod they're going to screw something else up that they don't do any work at all.

Still no lab back, teech said that none of the batches came out and she was going to put some more irridium in the gel to get it to ladderize (I forgot the exact term). And if that doesn't work, we still have to do the write-ups using group B's data.

Still haven't read the newest SW book yet, mostly because I don't want to buy it as it's hardcover and I don't care that much about it. Plus, the plot (or lack thereof), irks me. Honestly, if they're going to publish a hardcover, you'd think they would want a decent storyline to go in it. On the plus side, I did just come across this nifty picture; a new one, that I don't hate as much as the other, er, interpretations out there.

Everyone has talent.
What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.

-Erica Jong


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Mar. 14th, 2003 08:43 am (UTC)
I don't know...I always picture her a little bit scruffier than they make her. You know, like her dad, only with no stubble or wrinkles.

Oh, by the way, Lee found this and I thought you might think it cute. Legos
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