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Why is it that everything I do seems to backfire on me? Today's case in point - our monthly meeting at work. I go it for the 11:30 meeting. It's the usual fire-and-brimstone thing, the "shape up or I'll fire you-even-though-that-won't-really-do-anything-to-help-but-but-we-need-a-scapegoat" spiel. And, God help me, if I hear that one more time I swear I'm going to go insane. I mean, they want to cut our payroll even more. Obviously they don't care that I come out of every weekend in need of serious therapy because of the stress that results from major understaffing. But, no, we're "rightsizing", whoring ourselves out to corporate America where money is the bottom line and who cares if your workers all come to work with machine guns, we'll just hire a security guard or something. God, I wish I had the nerve to just quit. Oh, I forgot the best part - instead of only two performance appraisals a year, we only get one, and damned if anyone gets a raise on the new system. You see, instead of being judged on my own merits, the new system takes 60% from the overall performance of the store, which means that even though I can't really DO anything about the fucking pot-head losers I work with, they have the majority of the affect on my chances of a raise. Maybe I should just follow the trend and join a forced-labor camp in China. At least there they feed me and the beating are only physical. So, anyway, I get out at around 12:45. I go and eat lunch with my mother, whom I haven't really seen in a week. As I'm sitting there eating and talking, a manager comes up and asks if I can't work through the later meeting. Hello. I'm in civvies, I have no apron or nametag, so do i just have the word "sucker" printed on my face or what? And as all the managers are standing there pretending not to listen in, I can't exactly say no. (Especially since a good half of the meeting was devoted to threatening us with termination.) So here I've wasted a good deal of my day at this stupid place, a day I was supposed to have as "off". Naybe I should put in an application to work with Jenny and Julie. At least I could then be miserable with people I can tolerate. (Reminder to self, work on resume.)
No new news on DJ, but then I wasn't really expecting any at this point. It seems that if Del Ray lets anything leak, it's about a month in advance. And since they've already realeased that short little excerpt, that looks like that's it. 'S Okay, though. This is one book where I don't really want to know everything herad of time because I sicerely care about the main character and though I doubt I'll be pleasantly surprised, I'll settle with being merely surprised. There've been lots of "unnofficial" rumors floating around, but some of them are so absurd I think people are making them up. Besides, what I do manage to hear passively (since I'm not realy looking for info aggressively) isn't all that earth-shattering. Just little stuff liki locatation and subplot, and even then not much. Unlike last time when SbS came out, people with early copies are acting smart enough to not reveal all, if in fact there are any more humungous spoilers ala SbS. (Since it's only a paperback, I very much doubt it, but then noonw was expecting Chewie's death either.) I came across a very cool fanfic set in the NJO, but as no one here (Jen, as allways, the exception) really cares, I'll keep it to myself.
It seems like by the time I really get used to having days off, they're over. I could really use another two or three to get everything I want to do done. Yesterday was kind of devoted to laundry as I was making a real effort to clean up my room because my allergies have been acting up again. Nonetheless, I was at least partially successful because I can see sections of the carpet. With all the clothes off the floor, my room doesn't look half-bad. Now all I have to do is sort through all the stacks of paper that have been lying around for months and decide what to keep and what to throw away. I want to be somewhat organized before school starts. Haven't heard from the professor at TMCC about the photography class I want to take, since I have to call the department to get into the damn thing. I'm thinking that if I'm any good in the class, I might just change my major. Music is fun, but I'm so tired of all the politics involved with eeking out a degree from those people, and from what I've heard of the college of education, they're just as bad. You'd think they didn't want any teachers or something. (Allthough, I really think half of my problems stem from the fact that I'm a string player, one of a very small minority in the music department. Most of the classes are geared to bad, which I'm not planning on teaching anyway.)
On a purely childish level, I want a new car, too. Why is it that no matter how much I work and scrimp, something allways seems to pop up just when I think I'm on my way to financial security? If I had known how poor I was going to be, I would have seriously considered staying at home and tolerating mom just for the heck of it. I asked her to help me with a computer, and she flat-out refused. She wouldn't even consider co-signing on a loan or anything. Well, someone wants to use this computer, so I gotta go. Later.


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Jan. 10th, 2002 05:54 pm (UTC)
Of course I care... *pat, pat, pat*. They're hiring at RDC. Pay's not quite as good, but you get all the hours you want, and very few meetings. Hope you don't work too late...
Jan. 11th, 2002 12:49 pm (UTC)
If you want to escape coporate whoring, Sam Goody is not the place to do it. I'm wondering when Mike will get around to firing me because I refuse to trick the customer into signing up for that damn magazine. As it is, he's cut hours so badly that I've only worked 11 hours this week. Both Jenny and I are thinking of looking for another part time job...
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