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Lab? Rats!

Long day yesterday, but at least it's over. Was supposed to meet Mom for breakfast, but she was late, and I had to go to lab. Damn, but TMCC is deserted on Fridays. The only weekday when getting a parking spot isn't a scene from Deathrace 2000. At any rate, I managed to get through the lab without anything bad happening, though we were working with e. coli, so the jury might still be out on that one. Kind of surprised myself and took charge in lab group. It wasn't intentional, but the other two weren't exactly enthusiastic, and the lab was complicated enough that we needed to know what we were doing. I think it was because I was so tired that I just didn't want to deal with it, and just wanted to be done. Well, not quite done, because we get to go back Monday and see how our little cultures have grown (or not). Only bit of bad news was that the teacher graded our tests, and the mean was like a 65, and the highest score was a 92. So now I'm wondering which side of the average I'm on, because she won't give us the tests until Monday.

So, I was kind of depressed, but then I got to go and sleep, and when I got to work I found the large stuffed animal Mom adopted from Costco, so that made me laugh. And even though it was really looking bad when I got in, we're caught up for today, and all of those jobs that "must be done" are finished, so maybe tonight will be a little more normal, or at least less hectic. If only there were one more person on grave, we'd be able to keep up. Ah, well, like that will ever happen.

Today will be spent reading Chapter 4 and starting the lab report, but before I forget, does anyone have any suggestions for a good science web site? I have to find one and do a report on it.

Facing it, always facing it, that's the way to get through. Face it.
-Joseph Conrad

In conclusion... Well, not really, but isn't there a rule somehwere that you have to use that at the end? At any rate, this was funny enough to be

1. Armando is the dynamic new conductor of an orchestra and has increased the ticket sales for the classical series to 95%. If the concert hall holds 3200 people, and the concerts begin promptly at 8:05pm, how many digital watch alarms will go off within one minute of 9:00pm? Within 5 minutes?

2. Richard has been a professional timpanist for 35 years. In his personal kit he owns 32 different yarn mallets, 12 different wood mallets, 5 different rubber mallets, and 2 different polished brass tack hammers. What are the odds that a conductor will ask him to use different mallets at the first rehearsal of a Haydn symphony? A Mahler symphony?

3. Julinda's orchestra performs Dvorak's "New World" symphony every 6 years, Sibelius' Swan of Tuonela every 4 years, and Berlioz's Overture to Benvenuto Cellini every 3 years. What are the odds that, in any given year, the program notes will include the sentence "The English Horn is neither English nor a horn."?

4. Sandy is tired of paying for clarinet reeds. If she adopts a policy of playing only on rejected reeds from her colleagues, will she be able to retire on the money she has saved if she invests it in mutual funds (yielding 8.7%) before she is fired from her job?

5. Jethro has been playing the double bass in a symphony orchestra for 12 years, 3 months and 7 days. Each day, his inclination to practice decreases by the equation: (Total days in the orchestra) x .000976. Assuming that he stopped practicing altogether 6 months ago, how long will it be before he is completely unable to play the double bass?

6. Wilma plays in the second violin section but specializes in making disparaging remarks about conductors and other musicians. The probability of her making a negative comment is 4:7 for any given musician, and 16:17 for conductors. If there are 103 musicians in the orchestra and the orchestra sees 26 different conductors each year, how many negative comments does Wilma make in a 2-year period? How does this change if 5 of the musicians are also conductors? What if 6 of the conductors are also musicians?

7. Horace is the General Manager of a symphony orchestra. He tries to hear at least 4 concerts a year. Assuming that at each concert the orchestra plays a minimum of 3 pieces, what are the chances that Horace can avoid hearing a single work by Mozart, Beethoven, or Brahms in the next 10 years?

8. Betty plays in the viola section. Despite her best efforts she is unable to play with the rest of the orchestra and, on average, plays .35 seconds behind the rest of the viola section, which is already .16 seconds behind the rest of the orchestra. If the orchestra is moving into a new concert hall with a reverberation time of 2.7 seconds, will she be able to continue playing this way undetected?

9. Ralph loves to drink coffee. Each week he drinks 3 more cups of coffee than Harold, who drinks exactly one third the amount that the entire brass section consumes in beer. How much longer is Ralph going to live?

10. Rosemary is unable to play in keys with more than 3 sharps without making an inordinate number of mistakes. Because her colleagues in the cello section are also struggling in these passages she has so far been able to escape detection. What is the total number of hours they would all have to practice to play the complete works of Richard Strauss?.

Notable... Get it? The audience may now groan...


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Feb. 23rd, 2003 12:34 am (UTC)

Prime numbers
Includes a section on music of primes. Probably not the kind of science you're looking for, but you should check out the section on music anyway. Is very, very cool.

Silicon Zoo
Check out the galleries. Good stuff. Micrographs of Mai Tais. *giggle* But the silicon zoo is really worth it.

Barring those, try anything from the Library Biology Web Resources Page. This should be enough to get you started. =)

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