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laundry day..

Well, it is once again time to brave the evil appliances at Mom’s in the weekly quest for laundry. Currently, I seem to be keeping up with the dryer, but the washing machine is making sounds I’ve only heard at work, when the Doc was malfunctioning. Got the most interesting surprise though, I opened the fridge to find like twenty jars of baby food just sitting there. Still can’t decide whether I’m more amused, horrified, or just plain confused. Granted, no one tells me anything anymore, but I think I’d have noticed something that major.

Lessee, hasn’t been much happening lately. I elected to forgo orchestra last night in favor of, well, nothing. I was just tired, so I sat on the couch and bugged Jen awhile, in between trying to make sense out of her A&P book, which she claims is in English.

I think I shall have to get a new bow, now. There’s just no getting around it, and I’ve made this one last as long as possible, but the crack at the tip just gets longer and longer, and the hairs are coming out at an ungodly rate. Plus, the screw at the frog is stripped, or the threads, and I keep having to tighten it every few minutes. So, I shall have to work some major overtime to pay for that. Or rob a bank. On the plus side, I was the only one in the section to come in on the right beat during Roccoco, and Emily noticed. Damn, but am I the only one who bothers counting the bars of rests? You can’t just wait and hope someone nearby has been. And have I mentioned this will be a long concert? Ah, well.

Must go, there seems to be water coming from under the washing machine.


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Feb. 11th, 2003 12:58 pm (UTC)
Playing alto sax in concert band meant having a LOT of rests to count... I mean ungodly amounts - who the heck wants to count through anything more than 15 measures (one piece we had over 40). So what I would do, is listen to the parts coming up to where we came back in. I'd pick out what instrument was pretty clear to follow from where we were sitting, borrow their music, and pencil in a few measures of their part to listen for when we would be hitting #x measure to either start counting in again or to know we came in soon, etc.

A _lot_ more reliable than giving someone with ADD the responsibilty of counting a gazillion measures of rest and leading the rest of the section back in- but on the upside, I understood music and how it all fit together so this was really easy for me to do.

Just an idea-
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