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And yours truly, of course. Well, at least it's somewhat sunny today. Cold, but sunny.
Yesterday was opera, which was the funniest opera I've ever seen, bar none. Granted, it was supposed to be, but I don' think I've ever laughed as hard in my life. I'd forgotten how much fun Die Fleidermouse is, since it's been a while since I played it. I have to say that it makes a whole lot more sense now that I've seen it, because before I was in the pit and while I could hear the singing, I couldn't see what was going on. And Gary Aldrich was just great as Falke.

Today, class in which I try to pry every last bit of memory from my brain for the quiz, and then I shall go take Gram around. Hopefully, that won't take all afternoon, because I really should go grocery shopping, and then I ahve orchestra tonight. Yup, sounds like a day off to me.

Watching the news, it now appears that in addition to Germany and France, Russia and China aren't going to sit quietly by; they plan to send in "peacekeeping" forces, thus foiling the plans for air strikes as it is likely that those countries will take it as an insult if we blow up their soldiers, even accidently. And the UN is still waffling, and nothing will deter Bush from his grandiose war, not even having to go in without UN support, American forces all on their own.

Does it seems to you that the world as we know it is sinking further and further into the black maelstrom of chaos, or is this how my grandparents felt sixty years ago?



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