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To work, or not to work...

Grrgh! I really wish people would make up their damn minds. I got up at the ungodly hour of nine this morning, staggared around until I was more or less dressed, drank tons of coffee to wake up, and made it to work by ten. But to my surprise, I was off today. It seems that since Monday when I looked at the schedule last and today, they changed it again, and hence my frustration. I would have been perfectly happy with today off, but I would have really liked to know about it beforehand. I could have really used the sleep this morning. People need to think. More. Or at all.
So now I have a whole day off. I'd go home, but Sara is moving out and, well, it'd be wierd. Maybe I'll go over to Mom's, seems she called in and that's funny because she sounded just fine last night.
This week was interesting. I ended up catching that horrible cold/throat thing Sunday and was quite miserable up until today, which is the first day I can talk w/o croaking like a dead frog. New Years was fun, although I do wish I remembered more of it. Unfortunately, I had to dope myself up pretty good on Sudafed in the interest of breathing. Made for a very trippy fireworks show.
You know the old saying "no news is good news"? Well, it's just not true. Other than a recent short story that gives tantalizing yet torturous hints, nothing, and I mean NOTHING is happening these days. Is it too much to ask for a little spoiler, a sample chapter, a teaser, ANYTHING? How am I supposed to survive for a whole month on nothing but EPII stuff? God, I wish I was addicted to a more easily accessible genre.
On a totally different note, what the hell are they (not) teaching in public schools these days? Whatever it is, it's certainly not grammar or writing or spelling. I finally got around to going through all my old beta storys, and I ended up sending 90% of them back w/o even going past the first paragraph. Now, I have certain standards, and I', one of the more lenient beta-readers out there. If I can't get through the first paragraph w/o running into some serious errors (mixed tenses, punctuation, spelling, etc.) then I send it back to the author. Why waste my time and theirs when noone will read their story anyway? And by weeding out that sort of thing, I get some pretty decent stuff. And least, I used to. I swear, something has changed because even my more dependable sources are starting to lapse into fifth-grade material. Is it too much to ask to proof-read your stuff before sending it off. It's not that hard. I mean, I would be so embarrased to post a story like that.



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