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Merry Christmas

Remember the days of your youth when Christmas meant getting up around five am and dragging your parents out of bed so you could open you presents before dawn? I do. mom made a point of letting us open our santa presents back then first so they could get a few more minutes of sleep. Well, now I wonder how on earth I ever got up that early voluntarily. Dad came down this morning around 8 to wake me up, and he had to do it twice because the first time I muttered something dire and rolled over, which since I was sleeping on the couch, was rather precarious. You know you're getting old when your parents wake you up on Christmas morning. So then I staggered upstairs and drank a cup or two of black coffe, and proceeded to curl up on a corner of the living room floor until the coffe began to work.
The best part is that Alaric wouldn't get up when Dad woke him, so I got to go downstaris with a handful of ice and, well, you can imagine the rest. Let's just say that anyone who sleeps in their boxers is very stupid. At any rate, a minute later I was running up the stairs trying to not get clobbered by Al, which amused Dad so much that he started an impromptu rubber band fight. Then Mom came out and threatened to torch the tree unless we calmed down.
Let's see, other highleghts included teasing the cat with a wind up walking alligator that mom got. Ernie was not happy because the alligator scared him and he ran for the door while the rest of us laughed at his expense. I'm happy because I got some good stuff, as well as a couple of gift certificates and some cash from my grandparents, which means I may be able to get a good camera after all.
Then Mom made me go to church, which I hadn't been to since, gosh, Easter? Now I remember why I stopped going. The choir was comprised of extremely old people and kids, and the priest could have doubled as a relaxation cd. At any rate, we came home and Dad cooked breakfast, which was edible, suprisingly enough. This afternoon, we're going to my other aunt's house for more yummies, and then out.



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