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Okay, today started out bad. Very bad. Ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you want ot throw up or run screaming in panic. That was me yesterday and this morning. I thought that my bag with all my stuff (i.e. keys, wallet, checkbook) had been stolen. I thought I was going to have to go file a report and cancel all my stuff, and I was terrified that someone was using my check card. As is turns out, I just left it at Jenny's Friday night and everything's okay. Phew. That alone is cool, but I scored some tickets to the skating rink, and maybe we can go skating, though probably not toady, since I don't reilsh skating in the dark. Definitely later this week.
I'm actually starting to like Christmas this year. I was busy a shell earlier and stressed out, but now everything is pretty much done and I can finally sit back and throw a decent snowball. i wish I could have gone with the rest of my family to California, or that they had stayed here, but at least I won't be totally alone. Thank goodness my parents got over the pass okay. 'S a good thing they didn't wait to leave last night or this morning.
Got a cool little camera from Jen and can't wait to try it out. It's a manual load and wind which is cool 'cause I actually know how to do that. And it takes four pictures every frame, over the course of a decond or so, so it'll be fun to try on moving stuff. That photography class is looking more and more tempting...
Got off work a little early because I really booked through the stuff this morning. The only reason I like working on Sundays is because there aren't a lot of customers and I can really get a lot done when I can work uninterrupted. Unfortunately, some of my coworkers have trouble because there aren't a lot of customers coming in. I want to boot one of them in the head because he keeps sneaking back to the computer and using the internet intead of binding like I told him to.
Mom wants me to bring a dish to tomorrow night. She doesn't know, what, so I hope it won't end up being ravioli or something impossibly time consuming to make. have the awful family thing tomorrow, something I always forget that I hate. Get to go to my uncle's house and chat politely with my relatives until Dad decides I've been tortured enough.
Speaking of family, the funniest thing happened last night. At least it was funny to me. i was at Mom's to eat dinner and waiting for someone to be home so they could let me in. I started playing through my old christmas music. i was halfway through "Silent Night" when I realized grandma was singing in the kitchen. Then I realized that she was singing "Anchors Away". Apparrently, she forgot to get batteries for her hearing aid again. Which meant that while I played all these different songs, she thought I was playing something else and sang over my shoulder. I happened to glance over at Al while this was happenning and he was rolling on the floor laughing, which made it very hard for me not to.



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