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Ah, home sweet home.

Without going into too much detail, this was one of those mornings when I really didn't want to get up. Of course, it was also one of those mornings that I had to. Thought I had a destist appointment, but it turned out to be next week, so even though I made a point of writing it down in my planner, I still managed to look like a total airhead. One of these days, I'll just cave to the inevitable and dye my hair blonde to match my brain. It still worked out, though. Jen got me coffee, so now even though my brain's still on the muggy side, the rest of me is quite awake.
Hmm, still have to write the midterm for tomorrow. Damn. Anyone want to go back to SF? This whole reality thing bites.
Last nite was fun, if only for the fact that it was the shortest concert I'd played in a while. Even with the encore, which was in itself a riot, the thing was over with in a little over an hour. Good thing, too, as the "hall" was nothing more than the room we normally rehearse in. Thankfully, that was the last time we'll play in it, as they have plans to renovate the Keystone theater for us. Nummy. Next semester, I'll be able to leave at ten to and still get there on time.
Overall, this weekend was fun. Wish to gosh that Rue could have come. Grr. Damn work. Aside from the financial problems associated with direct deposit that this time was not directly deposited, at least not into my account, it was extremely nice to get out of Dodge for a while. Though I don't think I'd want to live there, even if I could afford to. I like little cities just fine, but there's just too much to deal with in a big city.
Hmm, better get off before I get too tempted by the internet. Easy enough, and very detrimental to my academic well-being.
More later, as time allows. Or until I get tired of writing essays. And developing film.



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