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36 hours and counting...

Yes, I can be civil and behave, if only for a day and a half...
And then, my pretties...
I feel the sudden urge to cackle evily... Better not, might scare the new guy.
So, as I was debating whether or not to cause irreperable harm to the clothes dryer yesterday, I happened to turn on the tv. Mmm, satellite.
There was a show on called "The Ship". I think it was on TLC or Discovery. Anyway, it's a reality show that is bent on recreating Cook's discovery and subsequent exploitation, er, exploration of Australia. Basically, they found a bunch of people from every walk of life and made them the crew on a replica of the Endeavor, which was the ship Cook sailed. Neat concept. And unlike other shows, there is no voting off or leaving. These people get to live six weeks of an 18th century sailor's life. Nothing but salt beef, rotting vegetables, and hard tack. And it is quite amusing what these poor people are subjected to.
Well, must go muster the troops. Really starting to dislike the big I.
Quote of the moment:"Tastes like Tic-Tacs, only with legs.


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Oct. 17th, 2002 04:17 pm (UTC)
Hardtack's not that bad - it's like Saltines without the salt. And yes, they do get very, very hard. For the first two weeks in Alaska, that's what we had for lunch everyday, with peanut butter, jelly or yard-o-beef (summer sausage).

I will never eat summer sausage again.

By the time we got back, I was ready to kill for some fresh citrus.

I don't know, I think that (the voyage) would be fun, otherwise, as long as the people didn't get too obnoxious. The hardest thing about a trip like that is that you get NO privacy at all - that would drive me nuts after a while. But you'd sure get to see a lot of places and stuff. Be pretty cool.
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