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Will not yawn, will not yawn...

Why is is that the last night of the week at work always goes by so damn slow? I swear it has to be at least 4 by now but the clock is stuck at the 2. I shouldn't complain, because I really need the money. But still...

Thanks to veijukka, we now have a working DVD player. Granted, the back of the entertainment center looks like tentacle city, but it works. And with a power strip, the hazards of blowing a circuit will be further reduced.

I spoke to Mom briefly this morning, and she was in a decent mood, so maybe there's a chance the holiday season will not completely suck. Not that I am particularily enamoued to the idea of spending it with all of my family, but I would prefer it not o resemble somthing out of Jerry Springer.

Didn't do much yesterday, mostly slept. Did catch my requisite Saturday morning cartoons, which mainly consisted of Power Rangers and flipping through the other channels. God, there's hardly anything decent on anymore. What ever happened to those wonderful cartoons that you got up at the ungodly hour of 6 to watch? Damn you, ABC!

At any rate, they did something on PR that to my knowledge has never been done before. It was a cameo show, but rather than have the group from the previous season on, which they do at least once a season and which has already happened this time around, the show brought together all of the red rangers. All the way back to Jason from the original MMPR. And Tommy, which I can't get because he was never a red ranger to begin with. Evil green, good green, and eventually white, but never red. It was still kind of neat to see him, though I much detested his hair, which was very short and spiky. He looked so much better with his bish look than now. It was a neat idea, though I kind of wish they'd done it in more than one episode, because by the time they re-introduced everyone and went through all of the morphing sequences, there wasn't much room for a plot. And that's another small but annyoing detail. Half of the red rangers aren't around because they don't have their powers anymore. And yet they all managed to morph when the time came. It was rather neat to see them all morphed and in a row. Showed just how much the design of the uniform had changed over the years, and not always for the better.

Better go see how Rue vs. the folder is going. I think I just heard a scream...



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