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In need of a clone to work for me...

Not that I know who this person is, but accordingly:

which kingdom hearts character are you?

yeah, yeah. jackie made this. </p>

So, guess what I forgot this morning?
A dentist appointment. Again. Just call me senile and lock me up. Thank me for not going into details of the above event. It was rather icky. Yet another perscription of ammoxicilin later, so there goes my weekend.

This morning, just as I was literally walking out the door, D. caught me and dragged me into her office "just for a little chat". First of all, she'd be the last person I'd want to chat with anytime, but after a long and frustrating night, my patience (and tact) were stretched a little bit thin. Anyway, the whole conversation was a very roundabout way of chastising me for the note I left in the log last Sunday night. Not that she came right out and said that. No, she started out by saying we never get to talk. No kidding. That's what happens with two different shifts, not that she's out on the floor much when she is here. Then she went into how I shouldn't hesitate to come to her when I have a problem and such. Well, I tried calling her during last nite's events, and she didn't answer the phone then. Same with last week. And when she come in late and leaves early, not to mention taking all those personal days, it makes her a little hard to get a hold of. Anywho, she said that note "wasn't the best way to handle that situation". It got your attention, did it not? She also insuinated that Sally wasn't handling things that I passed off to her very well, and that I was to tell D. so she could "ensure that things are done". So now, in addition to the other loads of stuff I have to do every morning, I get to leave D. a voice-mail as long as a Russian epic.

Oh, and Mom called tonight right before I left to go to work. Surpirsingly enough, she talked about the situation* a lot. It is no where near resolved yet, but Mom actually apologized. ~sigh~ At least it's a start. Gram's still moving in with my aunt, her daughter, but there isn't that terrible, horrible tension there like earlier this week. I hope they can both comprimise, for Dad's sake if nothing else. It's the off-season in his job, and when you're paid soley on comission, it's not good to even have an off-season. That phone call helped a lot towards me not being so very angry at Mom. Last night was awkward. I had to work with her, but it was very hard to not tell her how I was really feeling, which would have only ended badly. I still think she could do more, but, hey, that was a huge step for her.

Must go and kick, er, fix the Docutech. PRINTER FAULT on me, will you?.....

*see last few entries



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