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Well, I'm now officially carless now. I had to leave it at Mom's last night and Dad drove it down to the transmission place this morning. Then it's over to another mechanic, then they want to paint it. I tried to tell them that I don't care what it looks like, as long as it runs, but I have a feeling no one listened. So now I have to figure out how to do everything on foot. Gods, I wish I weren't so used to being able to drive everywhere.
Just found out that the next Star Wars magazine will have lots of NJO/YV stuff in it. YV stats for roleplaying, and it's oficial - ther is now a series of Jaina short stories that will continue to come out. Ah, something I can clutch despretely at while waiting and waiting for Febuary. I wish I read a lot slower, then I'd still have something to read. But no, I have to devour everything in the first day. Patience may be a virtue, but I seem to have it in rather short supply these days.
Lesson went better than expected; John fumbled through the piano part and I bs'ed my way through the 'cello part. I think it would have been a lot better if HE had been playing the 'celo part, 'cause I can almost play the piano part. At least I know what part I can and can't play at this point. Now I know what I have to practice. It just sucks that the hardest section of the whole damn thing is two lines into it. So when I mess that up, I get so frustrated that I blow the simple, one note at a time parts.
Mom's been acting wierd lately, I think they changed her Prozac dose or upped her hormones or something, becuase she's been incredibely nice to me. Yesterday, she offerred (I didn't even have to ask) to give me a ride to TMCC. Either that or she's mellowing with age. One of these days, I might actually be able to tolerate her for longe periods of time.
Still trying to figure out what to get everyone for the party. Though that doesnt' really matter until I have a car, anyway. I completley forgot that I get paid o nFriday. I love it when I do that, because it's always such a nice surprise. That, and Dad just hit me with three months worth of car insuracne.
Taking photography at TMCC next semester, hopefully. My cousin saud it was neat, and I think I need a break from music and ed classes, though I'm still taking orchestra and lessons at UNR, and TMCC. I like playing in an emsemble, its that other stuff, like politics, that gets to me. Maybe Yoga, or Pilates, if I can convince myself to get up early. I just realized that I don't need to graduate until I WANT to, despite my parents' not-so -subtle hints. I mean, as long as I like what I'm doing, who cares if I'm still in college. Until I'm convinced that teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I want to look around, maybe take some other stuff. A computer science course would be neat. I have a steady source of income, and a nice place to live, and my life is good, despite how I feel this week, which I know is a combinatino of anxiety and sheer terror and morbid dread.
Shoot, gotta go to the noon recital.



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