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It is a good day to die, er, develop.

Well, we finally got to develop our first roll, and I thankfully didn't ruin it. I can't even describe the relief as I took the negatives out of the dryer and saw little bitty pictures. I was so afraid I was going to mess them up, which is bad because every single step of the process is rather permanant, and making a mistake means disaster. I smell like vinegar, which is basically what the developer is, and my hands are rather wrinkled, but I have a sheet of negatives to show for it all. I don't feel so much like a fish out of water, because I was one of the first ones done, and a lot of the people who'd taken the class before were asking me what to do. I think I've just been psyching myself out over developing, because it looks so complicated in the book. There are a lot of steps, but as long as I can remember which comes next and all the different times, I think I'll be okay.
It was kind of unnerving though. We had a quiz to start, and the first six done with the quiz got to go into the lab first. Lucky me. Anyway, the guy spent twenty minutes talking, then said "good luck" as he left. The six of us were left staring at each other in absolute panic. I mean, I kind of thought the teacher would at least walk us through it the first time, given than we were dealing with four different chemicals, unfamiliar equipment, and a twenty-step process. Nope.
At any rate, we muddled through, everyone in my group got it right, and by the time we came out of the first lab and went into the second, we were all relaxed enough to laugh about it. The single worst part was when we had to count all the different times for the chemicals. I think it was something like 2 minutes for the pre-soak, 9 1/2 for the developer, 30 seconds for the stop bath, 5 minutes for the fixer, 3 minutes for the rinse, move to the other room, 10 minutes for the post-rinse rinse, another minute for the hypo-clear, and twenty minutes in the dryer. Right. And the sucky part was that these times had to be exact. Well, when you have one clock and six people who started at slightly different times all counting out loud at once,in addition to agitating the tanks, you lose track of whether you're on five or six minutes. And the little beakers we used for the chemicals weren't labeled, so sometimes I wasn't sure whether I was holding the stop bath or the fixer. And to get them out of order would have been bad.
Anyway, we get to print the positives on a contact sheet on Wednesday, so that'll hopefully be good as well. My negatives looks cool, but negatives always look much cooler than prints. Gots to go now, more later.


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Sep. 23rd, 2002 03:15 pm (UTC)
*laugh* You sound like me doing the mouse fibroblast fluoroscopy experiment in cell & molec lab. Treat with something -ase, agitate for 30mins, incubate, add 30ml of such & such, agitate, add 1um yadda-yadda and 10ul of thingymabob, along with this and that in such'n such concentrations, in the order. Agitate for 47min. Do not spill the carcinogenic ethidium bromide on yourself or your lab partner! This enzyme is 5x more digestive than bleach, do not spill. Etc, etc.

I'm really glad you finally got to develop today. See, you didn't get up for nothing! =)
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