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Why do I even bother?

Good morning, children. The moral of today's show is very simple:


Can you say that? I thought you could.

So, can anyone guess what happened when I finally managed to drag myself out of bed this morning after staring at the ceiling most of the night and wishing I had a seditave?

If you guessed that class would be cancelled, you'd be right. Grrrr. So, out of three weeks of classes twice a week, that makes a week and a half of cancelled classes. And this was my most expensive (read: 5 credits) class. AND we were supposed to develop today. Actually, we were supposed to develop on Monday, but that didn't happen. I'm feeling slightly dissillusioned at the moment. Can't imagine why, though. Granted, this is a cpmmunity college. Howeverm after paying for the class, plus the lab fee and everything else, they could at least go through the trouble of making sure they hire a teacher who's somewhat dependable. Man, I'm already wording what the end of semester evaluation is going to say. Not that it'll matter much, but maybe if enough people say something...

Note to self. Eat something before taking anti-biotic and/or pain med. Spent most of yesterday trying to not be dizy or nauseuated. And tomorrow will be so much more fun. I think I may have to call in Thursday night, Rue-chan. If it's anything like yesterday, and it will likely be, plus all the new pain, I'm not going to be good for much, anyway. All I can say is it's a good thing I'm still on Mom's insurance right now. Brought her the paperwork Monday afternoon, and she looked at it and said, "Don't worry, insurance will pick it up." At which point I winced and pointed out that that particular total was after the insurance deduction. Heh. I can pay it, but it'll take a couple of months, at least. 'S a good thing they're understanding parents. So, no one be surprised if I don't make dinner tonight or anything for the weekend.
If anything good can come of all this, aside from the happy insurance, it is that I now know that if I ever believe in Hell, I know exactly what it would be like. Sound effects and all.

Okay, enough whining. In other news, there was a snippet of news about the next NJO paperback trilogy. Not much, but it does promise to be rather interesting. Finally get to see what the IR's been up to all this time.

Lessee. Oh. Finally got around to watching Moulan Rouge (sp?) yesterday. I don't know whether it was me, but that movie was just crazy. Artsy, but crazy all the same. Was anyone else just plain depressed by the ending besides me? Not that I particulary liked her in the first place, but still. Why is it that everyone seems to think that to make a good, lasting movie these days, you have to end in tragedy? Can't the audience leave a theater without feeling suicidal, for once? I liked the cinematography, though. And the plot, which was confusing at times, kept the story going. Acting was okay, once I got over what's-his-name. Man just shouldn't sing. Ever. Loved the bad guy, though. Or, I should say, loved to hate him. He really needed to die, though. And the play-within-a-play bit was just neat. Blatant musical plagerism aside, I liked the movie.

Anyway, would someone please tell me what the heck's going on at work? I heard all these rumors about J.T., but no one's actually sure what happened. Only that J called in Monday because she was "upset". Right. Hell in a handbasket is where the entire place is going. Hop on board for the ride.


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Sep. 18th, 2002 11:22 am (UTC)
Great picture, by the way.

Maybe you should start calling your photography professor every day before class and asking,"Now, we are going to have class today, right?" Just to make a point. Seriously, if you pay that much, you should get your money's worth. If he expects to miss class frequently, he's required to arrange for a substitute.

And it's not just your job...over here at RDC we have our own handbasket, only it's a little bit overcrowded, so we keep dropping people in the river along the way...
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