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Is it seven thirty yet?

Gah. Know how your eyes start to feel like sandpaper when you're really tired?

I slept a little yesterday morning, but I woke up early, afraid that I'd slept right through the *hate 'em* seating auditions. I didn't, but I could have used a couple more hours. I signed up for the last spot so that I could sleep more, but I still ended up waiting for over an hour. I should have remember that auditions always run late. I think I did okay, but I completely forgot that he wanted us to play a three octave scale until he mentioned it. Being in my hyper-aware, rampant nerves, brain-numbingly freaked out state, traditional for all auditions, juries, and other disturbingly solo events, I stupidly started playing a scale on the first note my bow touched. Yeah. Problem is, that was already two strings up, so I had a wonderful experience playing a three-octave scale starting on the second-highest string. I imagine I had some... novel fingerings on that last octave or so. Not that I remember much of that. Anyway, my *cough* prepared piece went fairly well. I recycled some Bach I'd played a couple of years ago, the Minuet from the first 'cello suite. Went pretty well, but that was one of the few pieces I had taken the time to really learn. Had a bad scare when I skipped a line, but luckily my hands kept going even while my brain was floundering. I really should take the time to learn the other stuff I play that well. Most of the time, I end up rushing through it to get it ready for juries, and I never really get a chance to get into it.

Well, maybe this would work for saendie, though I don't know how the ASPCA would react.

In other news, I am a banana. A purple, squishy one. With mint jelly. More later because now I am expecting a visit from the flying monkeys, but that's our secret.

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