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Unexpected time to kill...

Arrgh! Got up super early to finish shooting my scavenger hunt, drove all over NW Reno to get stuff, had everything ready, get up to TMCC, and what do you think happened?
If you guessed Martians, you'd be wrong. Creative, but wrong.
No, it was just that the class was cancelled, and I could go home, I suppose, except I have to be her at 12:30 for WT 203 anyway, and if I leave, that means I'll have to try to find a parking space around noon, which is never an easy task.
Slightly annoyed, I am. Wish they could have called or something. But on the up side, this means that I have until Monday to finish out the roll, and spend some time on the stuff instead of rushing through it. But I still don't know what I'm going to do for sillines and tension. Too abstract for my tastes. And I have no idea how I'm going to convey sound, either.

Well, the damn e-book's out, but for some reason it doesn't like my credit card mumber, which has never been a problem before. Now I don't know what to do. It's only a $3.50 book, for god's sake, but I can't get it. Wish Mom would let me use hers, but she'd just laugh at me.

Why is it that days off go by so damn fast? I can't believe that I have to work tonight. Err.

Well, Mom gave me a VCR that she brought back from gramps. It was either his or someone he knows. It's used, and there's no remote, but it's better than what we have, so we got it hooked up and watched MiB last night. God, I'd forgotten how funny that movie is.

Just basically killing time until WT. At some point I have to run out to the car and grab the guitar, because I only have ten minutes between WT and guitar class, and there isn't enough time to run to the car between. I tried it last week, and it didn't work. I really am looking foward to that class. And now that I have all six working strings on it, all the better. If I could only take music classes for the rest of my life. :)

I'm assuming we're doing dinner tonight, but someone call me regardless. I hope to take a short nap this afternoon so I sill actually be conscious at work tonight. But I don't think I'll be up to the meetings tomorrow. Sleep is good, and there're seating auditions to boot. Got to remember to find something to play, since *grumble* this time he wants a prepared piece. God, and I could have done so well with excerpts.

And, in other news of the cool:

Placido Domingo Hires Lucas for Opera

Placido Domingo has hired George Lucas to arrange the special effects for an upcoming opera.
The tenor is head of the Los Angeles Opera House which will produce Wagner's The Ring Of The Nibelung next year.

The opera star told German magazine Bunte: "I chose George as Wagner himself would have chosen him if he was still alive. Of that I am certain."

Domingo added: "I think George Lucas is a great director. I watched all his Star Wars movies. He has an enormous, mystical imagination."



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