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Eh... Not really.

Hmmm. I really liked being able to sleep in this morning. I'd forgotten how good it feels to be able to roll over and ignore the alarm clock. Too bad I won't have that opportunity to do that again anytime soon. I almost wish that school didn't start for another week. It seems like only yesterday that I was done with finals. Where did the time go? Why is it that summer passes more quickly the closer you get to fall? I could use a couple more days at Tahoe, I really could. Lying on the beach is as close to heaven one can get around here, anyway.
Oh, well. At least I'm actually looking foward to most of my classes this time around. I really hope that photography turns out to be as good as I'd heard it is. Imagine, being able to annoy my friends by taking picture after picture and getting five whole credits for it. Blows my mind. And I am really looking foward to learning how to actual develop the film I use. That seems like a nifty process. And it comes with lots of special effects. I will have to remember to read the instructions for my camera again sometime before next Monday. There are still some buttons and dials that I have no idea what they do. :)
Anyway, was at work, waiting for many things, but mostly for Mom to get off when I found a new (expanded) summary for Destiny's Way.
Yet even as opposing squadrons face off in the depths of space, intrigue runs rampant: in the heated political race for Chief of State... in the shadows where Yuuzhan Vong spies plot assassinations... and in the inscrutable creature Vergere, a Jedi Knight whose allegiance is impossible to predict. And as Luke Skywalker sets about reestablishing the Jedi Council, the growing faction opposed to the ways of the Force unveil a terrifying weapon designed to annihilate the Yuuzhan Vong species. But in doing so, they may be dooming the New Republic to becoming the very thing it has sworn to fight against - and unleashing the power of the dark side.
Interesting, that. Lots of little hints to flame the contreversy currently under way. See, hardcover allways = major character death. So, who's it going to be? Not that many left, and most of them are pretty untouchable. My money's on Ackbar, but he may not be a major enough character to count. Well, only three months before I find out..... I think I need more drugs...


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Aug. 20th, 2002 04:41 pm (UTC)
Dark side? What dark side? I thought there wasn't a dark side anymore!

*sniff* I'm so confused.

Hey, maybe it'll turn out to be Jacen, afterall. Even though he's the number 1 uber-pseudo-hero these days, three times a charm. Maybe we'll get lucky.

I know, I know. Too much to ask.
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