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Only 28 points for squid? Arrgh!

Well, I haven't gotten much done, considering these are my days off, but I have at least been making progress with the whole parent thing. I spent yesterday at Mom's, sice she had the day off because she's on the schedule for Saturdays, which she absolutely loves. She said she's going to stop by UNR and see who's hiring, because Saturday is the only day she has off with my dad. It's really bunk, because she's been at the place longer than most others, but it's allways her schedule that gets jacked around, and she's always the first one they call to come it, or to work grave when someone calls in. I keep telling her to get caller ID and not answer the phone, but she hasn't yet.So, anyone know if UNR has a central employment office?

Actually, it was quite amusing this morning. She had asked me last night if I could hang out at the house because the guy was coming to fix the garage door, and then she mentions that it would be nice if I would look at the computer. Feeling that sinking feeling start to well up in my stomach, I cautionsly ask what's wrong with it.
"I think I deleted the internet."
After I'd wiped the tears from my eyes and regained my breath, and gotten up off the floor where I'd been rolling around laughing, I informed her that that wasn't possible. Since having her describe the problem was a bit like listening to a janitor describe open-heart surgery, I told her I'd look at it. What she really did was just delete our dial-up connection, so all I have to do is call sourcenet and get the dial-up phone number from them. Don't even ask how she managed to do it. She says she was trying to free up memory. But, as she also deleted most of Microsoft office, I'm thinking of just reinstalling Windows. That might take care of some of the wierd stuff it's been doing, too. But it killed me at the time.

I'm at work now, having arrived at noon to take Mom to lunch. Of course, that means that we didn't actually go until closer to one. She was the only one out in Express, and the dolts at the front counter kept sending people out to her. Idiots. I conned Sean into covering for her, and we went to Blue Plate. I like that place. They have good food, and it wasn't that expensive. On the way back we got Sally an iced mocha because she looked like she needed it.

I have to go back to Mom's because I have a load of laundry in the washing machine, plus I have to fix the puter. And maybe give Ernie a break. That poor old cat has attracted a cheeky little jay that follows him around everywhere screeching. I was watching him this morning, and the bird perched on top of the carrier Ernie sleeps in and screamed at him. Poor Ernie can't even take a nap on the deck, because the bird will hop down to within a foot of him and screech. Even when I was downstairs, I could hear that bird. So I went into the garage and dug out my old squirt gun, range give or take a hundred feet, and sat down in the kitchen by the sliding glass door, which I had opened just enough to get the end of the gun through. Then I waited. After about twenty minutes, the jay plucked up the courage to land on the railing. :) The end result was that Ernie fled because he got caught in the fallout, but that jay looked like a drowned, well, cat. He kind of shook his head, then staggered off to the edge of the deck and half fell, half flew off. Serves him right. If he keeps ragging on that cat, he's gonna be et real soon.



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